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top games WE SHOULD WIN THE GOLD MEDAL AT THE SEA <b>GAMES</b>: RIEDL | AFF – The <b>...</b>


Posted: 26 Feb 2011 07:19 AM PST

Alfred Riedl, the chief coach of the Indonesian national team attended his first PSSI (FA of Indonesia) Congress in Bali recently and it is an experience that he will never forget.

The Austrian, who was signed last year, guided the Indonesian side to the runners-up spot at the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. He gives his views on PSSI, the national Under-23 team, Irfan Bachdim and Boaz Solossa among others. What do you think of the PSSI Congress you attended recently?
Riedl: It is a new experience for sure, it is unique as I've never something like that in Austria. There's never much meeting in Austria. I might not have understood fully what went on throughout though. What is your assessment of the national Olympic team?
Riedl: There are some things lacking for sure. We need to be more solid and we need more training. I believe that the young players can only get better as the SEA Games approaches. Turkmenistan (Indonesia's opponent in the Olympic qualifiers) are ranked 133rd by FIFA – not too far off from Indonesia's 126th placing. What do you think of Turkmenistan?
Riedl: Turkmenistan are a tough opponent. The majority of the players came from the side which played in the final of the AFC Challenge Cup 2010, when they lost to DPR Korea Utara through penalties. At the Asian Games 2010, their U23 side beat Vietnam 6-2 before losing to Thailand 1-0 in the group of 16. On Irfan Bachdim, there are several arguments on why he should be included in the national U23 team. One is a Presidential Regulation within the Indonesia Gold Programme in which it is stated that any talented player can get a direct invitation from the chief coach of the Olympic or the SEA Games team. Secondly, Philippines duo Philip and James Younghusband will still be called to the Philippines national team even though they have signed for a team in the Indonesia Premier League (IPL). What is your opinion on this?
Riedl: I'm under contract with PSSI. Personally, I do not have a problem with IPL or Irfan Bachdim, but I have to honour my contract with PSSI as they are the one who give me a job here. They tell me that I can only take players under the auspices of the PSSO, so that is as far as what I can do. I'm in control when the players are on the field, out of it, I do not have a voice. I have to abide by the ruling of PSSI even though I would have liked to have Irfan and Kim (Jeffrey Kurniawan) into the U23 squad. At the same time too, we cannot just look at Irfan alone or on his performance at the AFF Suzuki Cup. He played well in the first two games but he faltered in the important matches against Thailand and Philippines – his performance waned. But is that not due to non-technical issues?
Riedl: I'm only looking at the facts, his performance dropped at the time. Is it due to the excessive media coverage or other external activities? My concern is only when they are on the field. And when he decided to join the IPL, I was worried that his performance will drop even further. Players of even the highest quality will suffer in performance and standard when they play in a league which is not too competitive or of reasonable standard. What is your assessment of Syamsir Alam?
Riedl: Excellent. He is a good player. I saw him for several hours and Syamsir Alam has good talent, strong and a good posture as compared to some of the other players in Indonesia. He has the skills but maybe at this time, he is a bit young and we might consider him in one or two years. But he should get as much experience as possible especially in Uruguay and become a full-fledged professional. Then we will see. But will you still be here in a year's time?
Riedl: It all depends on the results of the SEA Games, we should win the gold medal. Otherwise, it is better that I go back to Austria. Boaz Solossa is playing well lately for Persipura.
Riedl: Yes, he is still under my watch. Are you considering to have Boaz back in the national team?Riedl: There's nothing to consider really as I will call him the next time the national team assemble. It is good that he keeps on playing well for his club (Persipura), I need him to keep on showing his ability on the field and I will call him to Jakarta. But more importantly, he also has to be more disciplined on and off the field. If he misbehaves again, I will remove him from the national team. Important thing at this time is that we are still giving him a chance. What do you think of the on-going politics in Indonesian football?
Riedl: No comments.

FREE <b>Indonesia</b> Wayang Theme for Blackberry 8820 -

Posted: 26 Feb 2011 01:59 AM PST

Now You can Enjoy this cute and colorful FREE  theme which highlights the true paradise of Indonesia. yes, Indonesia Wayang Theme for Blackberry 8820 must be looks great on your phone. many feature on it.

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Navigate to Options – Theme-
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Get it this wayang theme here.

PBSI tidak alergi pelatih asing

Posted: 26 Feb 2011 07:48 AM PST

Sekjen PBSI Yacob Rusdianto tidak mempermasalahkan keberadaan pelatih asing di Indonesia.

Angkat Besi Bisa Jadi Tak Adakan TC

Posted: 25 Feb 2011 11:33 PM PST

JAKARTA - Minimnya persiapan yang dilakukan Program Indonesia Emas (Prima) menyambut SEA Games 2011, terus memakan korban bagi cabor. Kali ini, giliran angkat besi yang menemui kesulitan untuk menyusun agenda training center (TC). "Kami belum bisa menentukan waktunya. Bahkan, kalau memang wa ...

Usulan Tuan Rumah Diterima

Posted: 25 Feb 2011 02:29 PM PST

SEA Games di Jakarta dan Sumatera Selatan, November nanti, menggelar 42 cabang dengan 545 nomor pertandingan.

LG Optimus Me P350 Specs, Release Date &amp; Price in <b>Indonesia</b> <b>...</b>

Posted: 25 Feb 2011 03:18 AM PST

Here's a good news for those of you who live Indonesia, According to, LG Optimus Me P350 Android 2.2 (Froyo)-based smartphone will soon be available. ... Games, Yes + Downloadable (Android Market). Java, Yes, MIDP 2.0. Browser, HTML. Colors, Black, silver, blue, red, pink. Vibrate, Yes. Other Features, - Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate - Proximity sensor for auto turn-off - Social networking integration - Google Search, Maps, Gmail - Digital compass ...

Indonesia-Laos Sepakati Kerja Sama Olah Raga

Posted: 25 Feb 2011 05:10 AM PST

NUSA DUA - Jelang perhelatan Sea Games 26, Kementerian Pemuda Olah Raga Indonesia dan Laos akhirnya menyepakati perlunya melakukan kerjasama di bidang olahraga antar kedua negara untuk meningkatkan prestasi beberapa cabang olahraga.

Harmoni Cinta Indonesia Dihelat di 6 Kota

Posted: 24 Feb 2011 10:21 PM PST

Event tahunan mencakup hiburan dan aksi sosial yang diselenggarakan SCTV kembali digelar. Secara berurutan tiga hari di akhir minggu, ajang bertajuk Tolak Angin Karnaval SCTV 2011 kali ini mendatangi enam kota di Indonesia yakni Bandung, Bekasi, Sidoarjo, Yogyakarta, Semarang, dan Denpasar. Bertemakan Harmoni Cinta Indonesia, karnaval tersebut dimulai pada 4 Maret hingga 10 April 2011.

Menurut Director Program dan Produksi SCTV Harsiwi Ahmad kepada wartawan, selain hiburan seperti musik, bazaar dan games, event yang ke-8 kalinya ini juga mengadakan kegiatan edukasi serta sosial.

"Untuk sifatnya edukasi ada SCTV Goes To Campus yang bekerja sama dengan beberapa kampus, sedangkan sub sosial melibatkan program corporate social responsibility. Tujuannya kami ingin berbagi kebahagiaan dan perhatian dengan keluarga pemirsa dalam acara besar ini sehingga puas serta kian dekat dengan kami," ujar Harsiwi di Rajas Cafe, Senayan City, Jakarta, Kamis (24/2).

Sejumlah musisi ternama bakal hadir di acara Tolak Angin Karnaval SCTV 2011 ini. Mereka antara lain Kerispatih, ST12, Ungu, Hello, Five Minutes, Anang, Pinkan Mambo, The Titans, Hijau Daun, Alexa, D Bagindas, Geisha, Kangen Band, J-Rocks, T.R.I.A.D, T2, Gigi, Vicky Shu, Nidji, Jamrud dan masih lagi serta dipandu Farid Aja dan Reza Bukan.

Sebagai awal roadshow, kota Kembang merupakan kota yang disambangi pada 4 Maret di Tegallega. Kota selanjutnya Bekasi (11-13 Maret), Sidoarjo (18-20 Maret), Yogyakarta (25-27 Maret), Semarang (1-3 April), dan rangkaian ajang ini ditutup di Denpasar (8-10 April). (kpl/dis/boo)

KONI Sumsel Promosi Sea Games ke Bali

Posted: 24 Feb 2011 10:38 AM PST

DENPASAR - KONI Provinsi Sumatra Selatan terus mempromosikan kesiapan sebagai tuan rumah Sea Games ke-26 pada 11 November mendatang dengan mengunjungi sejumlah kota besar di Indonesia. Harapannya, banyak wisatawan asing datang melihat event besar tersebut.

Salah satu provinsi yang dikunjungi adalah Bali, yang diketahui sebagai daerah tujuan pariwisata internasional. "Kami sengaja promosi ke Bali,karena ingin menunjukkan kepada para wisatawan asing bahwa di Sumatra Selatan akan ada event olah raga internasional," kata Wakil Ketua KONI Sumsel Ahmad Rizal saat jumpa pers dalam acara Road to Sea Games di Kuta, Kamis (24/02/2011).

Selain menyatakan kesiapan sebagai tuan rumah, pihaknya berharap event olah raga tersebut bisa dijadikan sebagai salah satu paket tujuan wisata olah raga. Untuk itu, pihaknya telah mendatangi ke sejumlah pemangku kepentingan parwisata di Bali seperti Bali Tourism Board (BTB), Kadin Bali, dengan harapan bisa membantu menyampaikan event tersebut ke para wisata asing.

Mengingat event internasional tersebut akan dihadiri tamu-tamu berbagai negara sehingga salah satu fasilitas terpenting adalah transportasi udara yakni bandara serta akomodasi hotel, telah dipersiapkan secara matang menyambut event tersebut.

Dia menjelaskan, dari kesiapan fisik venue yang akan menjadi pusat pertandingan sebanyak 22 cabang olah raga, secara umum sudah siap untuk penyelenggaraan berbagai pertandingan. Semua pertandingan akan dipusatkan di sekitar Stadion Sriwijaya, Palembang termasuk saat pembukaan Sea Games pada 11 November nanti.

Demikian pula untuk kenyamanan dan kelancaraan para atlet maupun ofisial, pihak tuan rumah juga telah menyiapkan akomodasai berupa Wisma Atlet yang berada di sekitar pusat pertandingan, sekaligus guna memudahkan akses ke venue. "Saat ini pembangunan fisiknya hampir rampung diharapkan bulan Agustus ini sudah selesai," katanya diadampingi Taufik Hidayat pengurus KONI lainnya.

Selain Wisma Atlet, akomodasi hotel bagi masyarakat yang akan menonton Sea Games juga telah siap termasuk kelas hotel bintang lima, semuanya siap menerima tamu."Kami sudah punya komitmen termasuk dengan Pertamina, membuat perencanaan jika semua hotel penuh, ada ratusan cottage yang siap menampung para tamu," katanya menambahkan.

Adapun kapasitas stadion saat pembukaan nanti, bakal mampu menampung sekira 4000 orang penonton, dan pihaknya telah memastikan  kesiapan pengamanan maupun hal teknis lainnya. Disebutkan, ada sekira 1500 ofisial akan turun ditambah atlet yang totalnya mencapai sekira 10 ribu orang.

Serangkaian kegiatan untuk memeriahkan pelaksanaan Sea Games ke-26 juga telah disiapkan seperti pameran Sriwijaya Ekspo, kegiatan pentas budaya dan kesenian. Saat ini, masyarakat Sumsel tengah eforia banyak membicarakan event olah raga internasional itu dan siap menyambut dan menyukseskan pelaksanan Sea Games di daerah mereka.

Sebelumnya kegiatan Road to Sea Games juga digelar di Yogjakarta, dilanjutkan Surabaya, Medan, Batam hingga Kuala Lumpur. Hingga kini, semua akses jalan masuk ke lokasi pertandingan telah diperbaiki termasuk pula dukungan kendaraan angkutan Trans Musi bagi atlet dan tim ofisial dari negara-negara kawasan Asia Tenggara itu.(acf)

Perwakilan Negara Peserta SEA Games Kumpul di Bali

Posted: 24 Feb 2011 07:44 AM PST

Siaran pers Komite Olimpiade Indonesia yang diterima ANTARA di Jakarta, Kamis, menyebutkan bahwa wakil dari Brunei Darussalam, Filipina, Indonesia, Kamboja, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapura, Thailand, Timor Leste, dan Vietnam akan membahas agenda di antaranya nomor-nomor pertandingan SEA Games XXVI di Jakarta dan Sumatera Selatan, yang akan berlangsung pada 11-22 November .tahun ini

Program SEA Games meliputi sebanyak 44 Cabang Olahraga dan 500 lebih nomor pertandingan pada SEA Games XXVI.

Pertemuan dilaksanakan di Hotel Nusa Dua, Bali dan para delegasi dijadwalkan tiba di Bali pada 24 Februari. Pertemuan  tersebut merupakan kelanjutan dari Sport and Rules Committee SEA Games Federation Meeting  di Jakarta,  27 September tahun lalu. Bali dipilih menjadi tempat pertemuan untuk mempromosikan pariwisata Indonesia.

Menurut rencana Menpora Andi Alfian Mallarangeng akan menghadiri pertemuan tersebut. Selain itu, Ketua Umum KONI/KOI Rita Subowo juga dipastikan hadir dan akan memimpin siding-sidang.

Rangkaian acara pertemuan akan didahului dengan Upacara Pembukaan mulai pukul 09.00 WITA oleh Menpora. Agenda kegiatan antara lain konfirmasi pengesahan setiap cabang olahraga dan nomor-nomor yang akan dipertandingkan pada SEA Games XXVI.

Indonesia telah tiga kali mendapatkan kesempatan  menjadi tuan rumah SEA Game yakni tahun 1979, 1987, dan 1997.

Editor: Aditia Maruli

Ikuti berita terkini di handphone anda di

Tablet Android Pertama Huawei Mendarat di Indonesia

Posted: 24 Feb 2011 01:22 AM PST

JAKARTA - Huwaei memperkenalkan tablet Android pertamanya di Indonesia, yang bernama Ideos S7. Mengusung sistem operasi paling muktakhir, Ideos 7 menyasar pasar menengah kebawah, dengan harga kurang dari Rp3 juta.

Dijelaskan oleh Marketing Director Huawei Device Indonesia Riadi Sugihtani, tablet Huawei Ideos S7 dibanderol dengan harga Rp2,9 juta. Menurutnya, kendati murah tablet ini mengusung komponen yang tidak 'murahan'. Sebut saja ukuran layar 7 inci, dengan dimensi 209x108x15,5 mm. Sehingga format video pun dapat berjalan dengan maksimal.

Fitur yang ditawarkan di antaranya HD Video, HiFi, audio player, Hi-speed Web Browsing, dan dapat digunakan untuk menelepon.

"Untuk Fitur tersebut didukung sistem operasi Android 2.1 dengan dukungan prosesor Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD 8250 1 GHz," terang Riadi, di Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Kamis (24/2/2011).

"Tambahan lainnya, Ideos S7 memiliki spesifikasi WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, bluetooth 2.1, dual Hi-Fi speaker, mic, micro USB data, 3,5 mm stereo audio jack, micro SD up to 16 GB, dock jack, SIM card slot, sensor gravitasi, optical track pad, auto light sensor, kamera 2 MP di belakang dan 0,3 MP kamera depan, berat 500 gram, dan baterai Li-ION 3.7V 2.200 mAh," terangnya.

Untuk memperluas layanan, tablet ini akan dibundling dengan operator PT XL Axiata. XL sengaja turut menjual tablet, karena saat ini pangsa pasar tablet semakin luas.

"Tahun 2011 adalah tahunnya tablet PC oleh karena itu pihaknya ingin secara optimal terjun dalam bisnis tersebut. Ideos S7 ini adalah tablet PC termurah di Indonesia saat ini, kami melihat peluang di mana perkembangan bisnis ke depan tidak melulu suara dan SMS tetapi bisnis data," kata Head of Device Management PT XL Axiata Agung Wijanarko.

Secara keseluruhan tablet Huawei menggunakan sistem operasi Google Android 2.1, mendukung 3D games, H.264, MPEG4, 8 GB memori internal, web 2.0, MP3, PCM, AMR, AAC, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIFF, TIFF, dan UI Emotion widget. Aplikasi utama SMS/MMS, email client, contact managemen, HD video & audio player, web browser & appropriate plug ins, RSS Feeds, widget engine and management, kalender, photo album, remote upgrade and management, dan document to go office reader.

Vietnam to lose many gold medals at SEA <b>Games</b> 2011 | Look At <b>...</b>

Posted: 22 Feb 2011 11:12 PM PST

VietNamNet Bridge – The host of the Southeast Asian Games 2011 – Indonesia – has not only removed women's football but also some other sports in which Vietnam is capable of winning gold medals and replaced them with obscure sports. ...

Indonesia Kalah Kelas di Palembang

Posted: 23 Feb 2011 06:56 AM PST

TEMPO Interaktif, Palembang -Stamina di bawah musuh, strategi kalah rapi, dan lawan lebih banyak menguasai bola. Jadi wajar kalau tim nasional Indonesia U-23 menyerah 1-3 melawan Turkmenistan di Stadion Jakabaring Palembang Rabu (23/2) malam. Jalan Titus Bonai dan kawan-kawan untuk lolos dari salah satu babak pendahuluan Pra-Olimpiade 2012 Zona Asia itu pun semakin berat.

Titus Cs harus menang minimal 3-0 di Turkmenistan 9 Maret mendatang untuk maju ke babak berikutnya. Peluang memang belum tertutup sama sekali. Tapi, itu berarti tim asuhan Alfred Riedl tak bisa hanya asal bermain cepat tanpa bisa memainkan tempo. Ini bukan soal keunggulan postur, tapi dengan dukungan sejumlah pemain yang tampil di Asian Games tahun lalu, Turkmenistan bermain jauh lebih cerdik dan tenang untuk meredam kecepatan skuad Riedl.

Keunggulan Indonesia 1-0 pada menit 14 berkat kepiawaian Titus memanfaatkan tendangan bebas Oktovianus Maniani dengan tendangan tumit kaki kanannya hanya bertahan tiga menit. Tedangan bebas Arsianmyrat Amanov membobol gawang kiper Kurnia Meiga.

Di babak kedua tim tamu terus unggul dalam penguasaan bola meski Okto dan kawan-kawan masih bisa beberapa kali membahayakan pertahanan lawan. Pelan pasti Indonesia kedodoran. Gol dari Boliyan Aleksandr dan Vahyt menit 80 dan 86 menunjukkan anak-anak asuhan Riedl sudah lambat mengantipasi serangan. PRASETYO | ARIF ARDIANSYAH

Indonesia v Turkmenistan: Langsung Serang

Posted: 22 Feb 2011 08:50 PM PST

PALEMBANG - Perjuangan timnas U-23 Indonesia meraih mimpi tampil di Olimpiade 2012 dimulai malam nanti. Di Gelora Jakabaring Palembang, Yongky Aribowo dkk akan menghadapi Turkmenistan di babak pra-kualifikasi Olimpiade 2012. Menang menjadi harga mati yang dipatok pelatih Alfred Riedl. "Denga ...

Lowongan Kerja 2D Graphic Artist Gameloft Job Februari 2011 <b>...</b>

Posted: 21 Feb 2011 09:45 PM PST

Gameloft is A leading global developer and publisher of downloadable video games, GameloftR has established itself as one of the top innovators in its field   since 2000. Gameloft creates games for all digital platforms, including mobile phones, smartphones and tablets (including AppleR iOS and AndroidR devices), set top box, connected TVs and consoles..Gameloft partners with leading international brands such as UNOR, Spider-ManR, James Cameron’s  AvatarT, FerrariR and Sonic UnleashedR. Gameloft also operates its own established franchises, such as Real Football, AsphaltT, Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus and N.O.V.A Near Orbit Vanguard AllianceR. Gameloft is present in all continents, distributes its games in 100 countries and employs over 4,000 developers. Gameloft is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange (ISIN: FR0000079600, Bloomberg: GFT FP, Reuters: GLFT.PA).
Following its strategy of constantly delivering top games to players worldwide, Gameloft is now hiring:

C++ Game Programmer
Yogyakarta – Indonesia
As a member of Gameloft's talented team in Yogyakarta Studio, report to Team Leader and Producer your day-to-day work consists of development, coding and debugging, integrating graphics, sound, and other game components, to deliver video games on high-end mobile devices integrating state-of-the-art technologies (Android, Symbian, Windows Phone 7, Brew, etc).

You will take part in the full cycle development of mobile games from start to finish, in connection with Gameloft international teams in America, Europe and Asia. Gameloft products are among the top-rated mobile games on major international markets.


  • Excellent C/C++; (knowledge of Java is a plus);
  • Good knowledge of Android/Symbian/WindowsPhone7/Brew development is definitely an asset;
  • Capabilities in 3D programming and 3D engines (Irrlicht, Orge, etc) is a plus;
  • Experience in game programming is welcome;
  • Good English reading and writing skills;
  • Team spirit, sense of responsibility, deadline commitment;
  • Ability to work under high pressure;
  • Software engineering or equivalent is preferable.

2D Graphic Artist
Yogyakarta – Indonesia
As a member of the dynamic team of Pixel Art at Gameloft studio in Yogyakarta – Indonesia, you will take part in the graphic production for Gameloft's world-acclaimed mobile games.

Among a given team of producer, game designers, programmers, and testers, your daily mission is to conceive or execute graphic elements and art works for creation or large-scale deployment game projects.


  • Creativity, competency of hand-drawing and sprite design;
  • Proficiency in drawing software (Photoshop etc), ability to draw and create animations on pixel basis (low resolution infography) with Photoshop;
  • Interest and experience in playing video games;
  • Experience in video game or in cartoon/comics would be welcome;
  • Higher education degree in fine arts, applied art etc (applications from self-taught candidates are alsoaccepted);

3D Graphic Artist
Yogyakarta – Indonesia
As a member of graphic team at Yogyakarta Studio, you will take part in the graphic production for Gameloft's world-acclaimed mobile games.

In collaboration with other production teams, your main tasks will consist of modeling characters and 3D backgrounds (low resolution) and creating textures (adapted for low resolution).


  • Video game enthusiast;
  • Excellent understanding of human anatomy and motion;
  • Excellent knowledge of design basics (relief, lighting, composition, perspective, colors, etc.);
  • Excellent knowledge of 3DS MAX (experience in Character Studio) and Photoshop;
  • Excellent knowledge in textures, texturing and painting is a plus (ZBrush, etc.);
  • Ability to work under pressure, autonomous, responsible and well-organized;
  • Open-minded and knowledgeable in contemporary media (web, games, comics, film, animation, etc.);
  • Higher education degree in fine arts, applied arts, multimedia.

Game Designer
Yogyakarta – Indonesia
As a member of the game design team of Gameloft studio in Yogyakarta – Indonesia, and under the responsibility of the Lead Game Designer as well as Producer, you will be in charge of the design of top quality mobile games for international markets.

Game|Game Gratis Online|Main Game Gratis|Game Gratis Indonesia

Posted: 21 Feb 2011 09:18 PM PST

Game,Game Gratis,Game Gratis Online,Main Game Gratis,Game Gratis Indonesia,Game Game Gratis,Main Game Gratis Online,Game Gratis Co Id,Maen Game Gratis

Victory At Last <b>Indonesia</b>

Posted: 07 Dec 2010 08:29 AM PST

The Garuda team really is unstoppable now. After beating Laos 6-0 and Malaysia 5-1, now thanks to 2 goals by Bambang Pamungkas, Indonesia again beat Thailand 2-1 to move on to the second stage of the Tiger Cup.

Indonesia has never beat Thailand in Tiger Cup since its establishment in 1996. Thailand and Singapore has won the cup three times each while Indonesia best achievement was always runner up.

The Garuda squads are Markus Horison; Zulkifli Syukur, M. Nasuha, M. Roby, Maman Abdurachman (captain); Tony Sucipto, Eka Ramdani, M. Ridwan, Oktavianus Maniani; Irfan Bachdim, Cristian Gonzales and Bambang Pamungkas

Unlike the previous two games, Indonesia did not seems too eager to play all out, probably to avoid loosing players to injury since Indonesia was going to go to the next round no mater what happen in this game.

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