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top games PSC begins preparations for 2011 SEA <b>Games</b> PSC begins preparations for 2011 SEA <b>Games</b>

Posted: 07 Jan 2011 03:00 PM PST

source: Kristel Satumbaga |

The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) will meet with all 41 heads of National Sports Association on Tuesday at the Manila Yacht Club to discuss preparations for this year’s Southeast Asian Games in Indonesia.

PSC Chairman Richie Garcia and the PSC Board are expected to discuss the budget for the country’s participation in the SEAG set November while the NSA heads are expected to present proposals regarding the requirements for the training program of their athletes.

After a disaster in Laos where the country finished a dismal fifth, the PSC is optimistic that an early preparation might help the PH team improve its performance.

The country has been through several dismaying results in recent years. Last year, in the Asian Games, the Philippine team managed to win just three gold medals, a very disappointing show for a nation having a population of about 100 million and a sports budget that runs in the hundreds of millions.

Garcia said that with an early meeting of NSA officials, the embarrassing trend might be improved.

We have more time to prepare, and we’re starting early,” Garcia said.

The country claimed the SEAG overall title when it hosted the 2005 SEAG, but in the 2007 Thailand it slipped to sixth place.

Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) president Jose “Peping” Cojuangco Jr. is also confident that the country can regain the overall championship in the biennial meet although he said it will depend on the events the host will line up.

“The events lined up usually favor the host country, and I’m just hoping that the events we’re good at won’t be scrapped,” Cojuangco said in a radio interview.

Initially, there are 44 sports in the list, and that includes basketball, the country’s No. 1 sport.

Aside from basketball, billiards and snooker, bowling, boxing, chess, taekwondo and wushu are also included. Changes, though, are expected in the coming months as some member countries lobby for the inclusion of other sports.


Babak Baru Euforia Persepakbolaan Segera Dimulai

Posted: 07 Jan 2011 04:03 PM PST

08/01/2011 07:00 (LPI) Jelang pertandingan perdana Liga Primer Indonesia, persaingan kedua kubu baik PSSI maupun LPI makin memanas. Adu kekuatan suporter yang mendukung maupun menolak LPI terus terjadi di berbagai daerah.

Sriwijaya FC vs. Persibo Live Streaming online free start- on <b>...</b>

Posted: 07 Jan 2011 06:45 AM PST

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Perfect World Announces Recent Business Developments

Posted: 07 Jan 2011 05:07 AM PST

Perfect World Announces Recent Business Developments

PR Newswire — January 7, 2011

BEIJING, Jan. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Perfect World Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: PWRD) (“Perfect World” or the “Company”), a leading online game developer and operator based in China, today announced its recent business developments as of January 7, 2011.


Press Releases Issued During the Period:

November 15, 2010 – Perfect World Announces Third Quarter 2010 Unaudited Financial Results

December 3, 2010 – Perfect World Announces the Introduction of New Martial Arts MMORPG “Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber”

December 28, 2010 – Perfect World Launches Unlimited Closed Beta Testing for “Empire of the Immortals”


“Zhu Xian”Expansion Pack -”Breach of Heaven”

On November 23, 2010, Perfect World released the expansion pack “Breach of Heaven” for its 3D MMORPG “Zhu Xian.” With the expansion pack, players enjoy an exciting new gaming plot, cross-server maps, as well as a new “Pneuma System.” The expansion pack also introduces new skills and opens up new gameplay.

“Perfect World II”Expansion Pack -”Perfect World II2012″

On December 8, 2010, Perfect World released the expansion pack “Perfect World II 2010″ for its 3D MMORPG, “Perfect World II.” The expansion pack introduces a new race called “Earth God” along with new classes; and supplies a wealth of fresh updates such as new clan battles, new scenes, and an upgraded production system.

“Chi Bi”Expansion Pack -”Tiger Mercenary”

On December 20, 2010, Perfect World released the expansion pack “Tiger Mercenary” for its 3D MMORPG “Chi Bi.” The expansion pack offers new features such as the “Mercenary System,” new battlegrounds and maps. The new elements broaden gameplay and provide players with an even more enjoyable gaming experience.

“Pocketpet Journey West”Expansion Pack -”Rise of the Demon King”

On December 22, 2010, Perfect World released the expansion pack “Rise of the Demon King” for its 3D MMORPG “Pocketpet Journey West.” In the expansion pack, new elements, including a new race known as “Demons,” new classes, new armors and new maps are added to bring fresh gaming experiences to players.


Licensing”Forsaken World”toIndonesia

On December 20, 2010, Perfect World signed an agreement with PT. LYTO Datarindo Fortuna (“LYTO”) to license “Forsaken World” to Indonesia. The game caters to the tastes of global game players. Set against the backdrop of a fantasy world, “Forsaken World” breaks new ground by introducing a multitude of innovative features and novel gaming concepts. Players themselves are able to alter the fate of the world through their individual actions in the game. “Forsaken World” was first launched in Mainland China in October 2010.

Licensing”Battle of the Immortals”toIndonesia

On December 24, 2010, Perfect World signed an agreement with PT. Buana Online Internasional, a subsidiary of PT. Prodigy Infinitech (“Prodigy”), to license “Battle of the Immortals” to Indonesia. Originally released in 2009 in Mainland China, “Battle of the Immortals” is Perfect World’s first 2.5D mysterious adventure MMORPG. To date, “Battle of the Immortals” has been licensed to dozens of countries and regions.

Licensing”Dragon Excalibur”toKorea

On December 29, 2010, Perfect World signed an agreement with Weaver Interactive Inc. (“Weaver”) to license “Dragon Excalibur” to Korea. “Dragon Excalibur” is a 2D real-time MMORPG developed by one of Perfect World’s Shanghai-based R&D teams. Running on a brand new game engine, it features lustrous visual effects, exciting clan battles that blend Eastern and Western fighting styles, diversified pet systems and innovative classes and skills. “Dragon Excalibur” was first launched in Mainland China in October 2010.


Launch of”Battle of the Immortals”inthe Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, ThailandandKorea

In December 2010, Perfect World launched its 2.5D mysterious adventure MMORPG “Battle of the Immortals” in the Philippines through Cubinet Interactive Philippines Corporation, a company under Cubinet Interactive Group (“Cubinet Interactive”); in Malaysia and Singapore through AS Online Sdn. Bhd (“AS Online”); in Thailand through i Digital Connect Co., Ltd (“iDCC”); and in Korea through NDOORS Corporation (“NDOORS”).

Launch of”Hot Dance Party”and”Battle of the Immortals”in the Russian Federation and Other Russian Speaking Territories

In December 2010, Perfect World launched “Hot Dance Party” and “Battle of the Immortals” in the Russian Federation and other Russian speaking territories through its partner in Russia.. “Hot Dance Party” is Perfect World’s first online casual game, and was first launched in Mainland China in 2008. To date, “Hot Dance Party” has been licensed to dozens of countries and regions. Originally released in 2009 in Mainland China, “Battle of the Immortals” is Perfect World’s first 2.5D mysterious adventure MMORPG. To date, “Battle of the Immortals” has been licensed to dozens of countries and regions.

Launch of”Legend of Martial Arts”inNorth America

In December 2010, Perfect World launched its 3D MMORPG “Legend of Martial Arts” in North America through its wholly owned subsidiary Perfect World Entertainment Inc. “Legend of Martial Arts” is a cartoon MMORPG based on a popular TV drama series of the same Chinese name and has been localized by the Perfect World’s R&D team to cater to North American gamers. “Legend of Martial Arts” was first launched in Mainland China in 2006.

Launch of”Forsaken World”in Taiwan

In January 2011, Perfect World launched its 3D fantasy MMORPG “Forsaken World” in Taiwan through its partner Gameastor Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. (OTC: 6180)( “Gamania”).

About PT.LYTODatarindo Fortuna(

PT. LYTO Datarindo Fortuna, established in 2003, is the largest online game entertainment publisher in Indonesia. LYTO’s mission is to provide the new way of gaming experiences through the introduction of Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs). Headquartered in Jakarta, LYTO has more than 10 branch offices throughout Indonesia. As of 2010, LYTO has published 14 games, including “Perfect World,” which became one of the most popular games in Indonesia. The genres of LYTO’s titles vary from RPG, casual and RTS to webgames. Currently, LYTO has a large number of Internet Café players and home players. In the future, LYTO will continue to build relationships with more game developers to bring bigger and better online entertainment to Indonesia.

AboutPT.Prodigy Infinitech (

PT. Prodigy Infinitech was founded in April 2008 by a management team with a passion to bring the world’s best games to Indonesia. In June 2009, Prodigy acquired exclusive license to operate “Runes of Magic” in Indonesia. In 2010, Prodigy released in Indonesia a popular online game called “Canaan Online,” which won a huge following in the country’s gaming community and gained great attention in a gaming exhibition jointly held by Prodigy. Prodigy aims to unite the diverse communities in Indonesia through online gaming, and foster a lifestyle of fun and enjoyment with interactive entertainment. Prodigy also aims to grow into a top game publisher, and continues its mission to introduce localized versions of high-end game titles from all around the world to the growing Indonesian gaming society.

About Weaver Interactive Inc.(

Established in August 2002, Weaver Interactive Inc. is a leading Korea-based online game developer and publisher. Weaver has an attractive portfolio of 2D online games, with popular titles such as its proprietary “Online Samgukji” and “Peacock King Returns.” To date, Weaver has successfully published games in several Asian countries and territories, including Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Cambodia and Uzbekistan; and is currently preparing a new lineup of next-generation game titles. Weaver is committed to leveraging its extensive industry experience to expand the business in Asia and the greater global market.

About Cubinet Interactive Group(

Cubinet Interactive Group is engaged in developing and publishing high-quality game products in the Southeast Asia market. Composed of a large number of senior experts in all aspects, Cubinet Interactive also has strong network support and a strong user’s community. In addition to the publication and operation of games in Malaysia and Singapore, Cubinet Interactive also develops business throughout the rest of Southeast Asia region. Through cooperation with Perfect World, the company successfully launched “Perfect World II” in Malaysia and Singapore. “Perfect World II” was one of the best performing online games in Southeast Asia in 2007. In addition, the company also introduced Perfect World’s other games such as “Legend of Martial Arts,” “Chi Bi,” “Zhu Xian” and “Hot Dance Party” to the region where they also became popular.

About AS Online Sdn. Bhd (

AS Online Sdn. Bhd, an online game operator in Malaysia, was formed in February 2007 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Asiasoft International Co., Ltd., which is ultimately owned by Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited (BAK:AS), a listed company in Thailand. Asiasoft Group has a presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, serving over 18 million registered gamers. Founded in 2001, Asiasoft Group collaborates with game developers through an integrated services platform to tap the growth potential of South East Asia.

About i Digital Connect Co., Ltd. (

i Digital Connect Co., Ltd. was formed in early 2010 by a passionate team of industry veterans with a shared dream to provide quality online games to Thai consumers, and drive the growth of Thailand’s digital content industry to the international level. iDCC’s management team has been involved in the gaming industry across various platforms, including PC Online, PC Offline and Arcade, for over 13 years. Each member of management has a strong track record, with all of them having successfully launched over 12 games during their careers, some of which went on to become #1 in the Thai market across various genres.

About NDOORS Corporation(

NDOORS Corporation was established in 1999 and has been dedicated to the internet and gaming business ever since. The company is also creating a virtual world where internet users can have fun. With extensive marketing experience and technological expertise, NDOORS Corporation is evolving into an international game company. It has successfully entered into the North American and Japanese markets and has developed a number of online games including “Atlantica.” NDOORS Corporation aims to introduce variety and new concepts into cultural content and games.

About Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.(

Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. (OTC: 6180) is a pan-Asian leading online game developer, publisher and operator, providing high-quality online game services to customers. Established in 1995, Gamania, headquartered in Taipei, has been working towards expanding business in the Asian markets, and today has operations in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Mainland China, Europe and United States. In addition to its famous licensed online games, “Lineage” and “Maple Story,” Gamania has recently been striving to develop additional in-house titles and other diversified services such as animation. Gamania’s goal is to build a world-class digital entertainment platform.

About Perfect World Co., Ltd. (

Perfect World Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: PWRD) is a leading online game developer and operator based in China. Perfect World primarily develops online games based on proprietary game engines and game development platforms. The Company’s strong technology and creative game design capabilities, combined with extensive knowledge and experiences in the online game market, enable it to frequently and promptly introduce popular games designed to cater changing customer preferences and market trends. The Company’s current portfolio of self-developed online games includes massively multiplayer online role playing games (“MMORPGs”): “Perfect World,” “Legend of Martial Arts,” “Perfect World II,” “Zhu Xian,” “Chi Bi,” “Pocketpet Journey West,” “Battle of the Immortals,” “Fantasy Zhu Xian,” “Forsaken World,” “Dragon Excalibur,” and “Empire of the Immortals;” and an online casual game: “Hot Dance Party.” While a substantial portion of the revenues are generated in China, the Company’s games have been licensed to leading game operators in a number of countries and regions in Asia, South America and the Russian Federation and other Russian speaking territories. The Company also generates revenues from game operations in North America, Europe and Japan. The Company plans to continue to explore new and innovative business models and remains deeply committed to maximizing shareholder value over time.

Safe Harbor Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements. These statements constitute forward-looking statements under the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements can be identified by terminology such as “will,” “expects,” “anticipates,” “future,” “intends,” “plans,” “believes,” “estimates” and similar statements. Such statements involve certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements. Potential risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, our limited operating history, our ability to develop and operate new games that are commercially successful, the growth of the online game market and the continuing market acceptance of our games and in-game items in China and elsewhere, our ability to protect our intellectual property rights, our ability to respond to competitive pressure, our ability to maintain an effective system of internal control over financial reporting, changes of the regulatory environment in China, and economic slowdown in China and/or elsewhere. Further information regarding these and other risks is included in Perfect World’s filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, including its annual report on Form 20-F. Perfect World does not undertake any obligation to update any forward-looking statement as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required under applicable law.

For further information, please contact

Perfect World Co., Ltd. Vivien Wang Vice President, Investor Relations & Corporate Communications Tel: +86-10-5885-1813 Fax: +86-10-5885-6899 Email:

Christensen Investor Relations Kathy Li Tel: +1-480-614-3036 Fax: +1-480-614-3033 Email:

Teal Willingham Tel: +86-10-5971-2001 Fax: +86-10-5971-2001 Email:

SOURCE Perfect World Co., Ltd.

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Sistem Pelatnas Indonesia, Bagaimana Sebaiknya?

Posted: 07 Jan 2011 12:22 PM PST

Solo - Dalam waktu sekitar dua dekade terakhir, timnas Indonesia selalu menggunakan sistem pelatnas jangka panjang. Hasilnya kurang efektif bila melihat prestasi. Lantas bagaimana sebaiknya sistem pelatnas tersebut?

Seperti diberitakan sebelumnya, pelatnas untuk tim Merah Putih U-23 yang dipersiapkan untuk ajang SEA Games dan Pra-Olimpiade menggunakan sistem tertutup. Hal ini membuat sejumlah klub bakal kehilangan pemain intinya dalam waktu yang cukup lama.

“Kami Persema tidak masalah bila pemain kami dipanggil untuk pelatnas, sebanyak-banyaknya. Tetapi TC jangan panjang-panjang. Kami yang tidak setuju tentang hal tersebut,” kata pelatih Persema Malang Timo Scheunemann kepada wartawan dalam konferensi pers jelang laga perdana LPI di Hotel Novotel, Solo, Jumat (7/1/2011) sore WIB.

“Banyak yang tidak setuju dengan hal ini, terutama tim yang memiliki bintang dan pemain bintang itu masuk ke pelatnas. Masa pemain bintang itu diambil sembilan bulan lamanya? Ini bukan win-win solution,” tandas arsitek berkebangsaan Jerman itu.

Timo menilai bahwa pelatnas jangka panjang bakal kurang efektif, sebab yang dibutuhkan oleh para pemain terutama pemain muda adalah kompetisi.

“Pemain muda perlu kompetisi. Bila hanya terjun di laga friendly bakal kurang efektif. TC panjang boleh, tapi jangan lama sekali. Ini Indonesia, bukan Laos,” sahut pembesut Persema Malang tersebut.

Ini bukan kali pertama timnas Indonesia menggunakan sistem pelatnas jangka panjang. Di awal 1990-an pernah ada PSSI Primavera yang “disekolahkan” di Italia, kemudian kini ada program yang bernama Uruguay Project.

“Saya menilai timnas jangka panjang untuk pemain junior sudah tepat. Namun itu tak berlaku untuk senior. Untuk pemain junior, itu bisa menjadi tempat untuk pembinaan dan membangun saling pengertian,” tandas kapten Persema Malang Bima Sakti yang juga jebolan PSSI Primavera, ketika ditemui dalam acara manager meeting di Hotel Riyadi, Solo.

( nar / a2s )

Tetap update informasi di manapun dengan dari browser ponsel anda!


Posted: 07 Jan 2011 12:17 PM PST

Friday, 07 January 2011
Genderang Liga Primer Indonesia (LPI) akan resmi ditabuh di Stadion Manahan, Solo, sore ini. Duel Solo FC versus Persema akan menjadi gong pembuka kompetisi yang diharapkan membawa perubahan dalam sepak bola Tanah Air.

Tim Kuat Mundur, Indonesia Target Juara

Posted: 07 Jan 2011 12:02 PM PST

Tim Kuat Mundur, Indonesia Target Juara PDF Print
Friday, 07 January 2011
Mundurnya dua tim kuat, yakni Rusia dan Singapura, di ajang Hanoi Millennium Baseball Classic 2011 membuat wakil Indonesia, tim Prambors, makin percaya diri.

Nintendo Warns Parents Of Eye Risks In 3-D <b>Game</b> | <b>Indonesia</b> Media <b>...</b>

Posted: 07 Jan 2011 12:02 AM PST

Three-D effects are everywhere — in movies, on television and in video games. But now Nintendo, which is releasing a 3-D, hand-held gaming console called the Nintendo 3DS, will be putting a health warning label on the new device.

Other 3-D media manufacturers have issued similar warnings because there’s a risk that using a display so close to the eyes could cause eye fatigue and headache.

Nintendo’s website says the 3-D effects in its new game could cause vision problems in children under the age of 6, and some vision scientists agree.

Forming The 3-D View

A three-dimensional effect is created on a flat screen like a video game device or television by filming a scene with two cameras.

“Each camera gets a slightly different view, and that creates what’s called binocular disparity,” says Ahna Girshick, a vision researcher at New York University. Binocular disparity is what you get when you look at the world with two eyes. Each eye sends an image to the brain that sees the world from a slightly different angle.

“The brain is accustomed to processing that. And it creates this 3-D impression,” she says. Makers of 3-D media are taking advantage of that. “So they’re just piggybacking what’s already built into our eyes and brains.”

Artificial Conflict In The Brain

But there’s a problem: We also get some information about how far away an object is by how much we adjust the lens in our eyeball to bring it into focus.

“So with a near display, like if you’re looking at a TV and you are sitting up close, your eyes actually focus on the surface of the TV, and that’s at one distance,” Girshick explains. But if the TV is showing a 3-D image, your brain might think an object is far off in the distance, even though your focus is on the screen right in front of you.

“And these two systems are now in conflict. In the natural world they’re never in conflict,” she says.

It’s this artificial conflict that’s causing some concern about children using 3-D video games. Vision scientist David Hoffman, who works at the semiconductor company Mediatek, says children’s visual systems are changing as they grow.

“Any time you’ve introduced something from what they’re normally exposed to, there’s a chance that they begin to adapt to whatever this new condition is,” Hoffman says. That new condition would be unnatural and could possibly not be good for the children when they weren’t playing video games.

There aren’t a lot of good data about just how much long-term damage these games could cause. They may cause no damage at all. But some game manufacturers have decided to err on the side of caution and recommend that young children not use the 3-D mode. Enforcing that recommendation, though, falls to the parents.

Arifin Panigoro: LPI Liga Reformasi

Posted: 07 Jan 2011 07:55 AM PST

SOLO, — Chairman Liga Primer Indonesia (LPI) Arifin Panigoro mengatakan, LPI merupakan era baru industri sepak bola Indonesia. LPI merupakan liga reformasi yang memandirikan klub-klub menuju industri sepak bola di Indonesia.

Seperti dilansir Antara, Jumat (7/1/2011), Arifin menandaskan, LPI mendorong sepak bola sebagai lahan bisnis yang menguntungkan sehingga menarik perusahaan-perusahaan besar untuk terlibat di dalamnya.

Selain itu, Arifin yakin selain kemajuan industri, LPI juga dapat meningkatkan prestasi sepak bola Indonesia. Seperti diketahui, sudah 20 tahun ini sepak bola Indonesia tanpa prestasi yang membanggakan.

Menurut dia, prestasi tertinggi yang diperoleh antara lain medali emas SEA Games 1991 Manila, Filipina. Setelah itu, Indonesia hanya mendapatkan kegagalan demi kegagalan, termasuk turnamen AFF Cup 2010.

Faktor utamanya, kata dia, adalah karena adanya penurunan prestasi. Penyebabnya antara lain buruknya kompetisi sepak bola di Tanah Air yang kehilangan kredibilitas dan tidak adanya pembinaan usia muda yang berjenjang dan berkelanjutan. Bahkan, lanjut dia, banyak klub dibiayai menggunakan APBD.

"Sepak bola profesional tidak boleh menggunakan uang rakyat atau APBD," katanya.

Ia menjelaskan, lahirnya LPI ini bentuk pelaksanaan hasil Kongres Sepak Bola Nasional (KSN) yang berlangsung di Malang, Jawa Timur, Maret 2010. Hasilnya sudah diterima seluruh pemangku kepentingan (stakeholders) sepak bola nasional dan bertujuan membantu perbaikan prestasi persebakbolaan Indonesia.

Selain itu, LPI juga akan menggunakan wasit asing dari berbagai negara berkualitas FIFA, pemain berketerampilan tinggi, dan pelatih ternama. Hal itu untuk meningkatkan kualitas kompetisi.

Kompetisi sepak bola LPI yang akan digelar mulai Sabtu (8/1/2011) di Solo akan diikuti 19 klub dari berbagai daerah di Indonesia.

Jumlah Nomor Pertandingan SEA Games Capai Angka 600

Posted: 07 Jan 2011 02:38 AM PST

Ini terbesar sepanjang penyelenggaraan SEA Games.

Wadokai Indonesia Miliki 400 Dojo

Posted: 07 Jan 2011 02:31 AM PST

Wadokai telah mencatatkan prestasi nasional dan internasional yang cukup membanggakan.

Ini Dia 12 Pelatih Asing di Liga Primer Indonesia

Posted: 06 Jan 2011 04:52 PM PST

TEMPO Interaktif, Jakarta: Setelah mendapat lampu hijau dari Badan Olahraga Profesional Indonesia dan Kepolisian Republik Indonesia, Liga Primer Indonesia bergulir mulai Sabtu nanti. Sebanyak 19 klub telah menyatakan kesiapannya berlaga di Liga Primer Indonesia.

Liga Primer Indonesia dianggap sebagai breakaway league yaitu kompetisi baru yang mandiri, termasuk bebas dari campur tangan PSSI, dengan pengelolaan yang bisa menguntungkan klub. Inggris pernah melakukannya pada 1992 dan kini Liga Primer Inggris menjadi kompetisi paling terkenal di dunia.

Selain para pemain bintang, Liga Primer Indonesia menyajikan perang taktik para pelatih. Liga Primer Indonesia menyuguhkan perpaduan para pelatih lokal maupun asing. Sebanyak 12 pelatih asing akan bersaing dengan tujuh pelatih lokal di Liga Primer Indonesia Siapa saja pelatih asing tersebut? Berikut daftarnya:

1. Aceh United

Pelatih : Lionel Charbonnier (Prancis)

Mantan kiper ketiga tim nasional Prancis di Piala Dunia 1998 ini banting setir menjadi pelatih usai gantung sepatu. Saat menjadi direktur teknik federasi sepak bola Tahiti, Lionel Charbonnier mengantarkan timnas U-20 negara di kepulauan Karibia tersebut ke Piala Dunia FIFA U-20 tahun 2009. Kini publik Indonesia akan menyaksikan langsung keandalan pemain juara dunia ini menangani tim peserta LPI yang bermarkas di ujung paling barat nusantara, Aceh United.

2. Bali De Vata

Pelatih : Willy Scheepers (Belanda)

Pelatih asal Belanda Willy Scheepers dipercaya menangani Bali De Vata. Sebelum mampir di kawasan wisata ternama dunia ini, Scheepers tercatat sebagai juru latih klub-klub Eropa, seperti FC Oberwinterthur, FC Kreuzlingen, dan APEP Pitsilia. Jabatan teknis terakhir yang dipegang Scheepers adalah menjadi direktur teknik di liga utama Siprus.

3. Batavia Union

Pelatih : Roberto Bianchi (Brasil)

Pelatih asal Brasil pemegang paspor Spanyol ini mengantongi sertifikat UEFA PRO pada 2006. Pernah melatih Zamora FC, Roberto Bianchi juga lama berkecimpung di Ciuded de Muscia, Mato Grosso de Sul, Bullense, dan Beijing Guoan FC. Kini Beto melangkah bersama Batavia Union.

4. Cendrawasih Papua

Pelatih : Uwe Erkebrecher (Jerman)

Pelatih asal Jerman ini pernah menangani klub Eropa seperti tim Jerman FC Koln Jugend, FC Carl Zeiss Jena, dan beberapa klub divisi II di Jerman. Dengan pengalaman melatihnya di berbagai klub, Uwe Erkebrecher ingin menjadi bagian dari perubahan sepak bola Indonesia dengan melatih tim Cendrawasih Papua.

5. Kabau Padang

Pelatih : Divaldo Alves (Portugal)

Sebelum melatih Kabau Padang, Divaldo Alves berpengalaman menangani tim-tim di Thailand, Malaysia, dan Hong Kong. Bahkan tahun 2009 lalu Alves pernah melatih Persijap Jepara. Sebagai modal utama mengarungi kiprah kepelatihan di Indonesia, Alves membawa serta pengalaman mengikuti pendidikan fisik dan olahraga di Portugal dan memegang sertifikat pelatih UEFA A-Level.

6. Ksatria XI Solo

Pelatih : Branko Babic (Serbia)

Pelatih asal Serbia berusia 63 tahun itu pernah melatih OFK Beograd tahun 2004-05 dan kini menapaj di Ksatria XI Solo. Selain itu, Branko Babic juga pernah melatih tim di beberapa negara seperti di Jepang dan Montenegro. Sebagai pemain, Babic pernah memperkuat klub Jerman Beringen FC tahun 1975-1976.

7. Makassar City

Pelatih : Michael Feichtenbeiner (Jerman)

Michael Feichtenbeiner pernah menjadi managing director Bundesliga divisi dua dan pernah pula melatih klub Malaysia, Selangor MPPJ, dan kini di Makassar City. Pelatih asal Jerman ini merupakan pemegang sertifikat pelatih UEFA Pro Coach Licence.

8. Medan Bintang

Pelatih : Rene Van Eck (Belanda)

Rene Van Eck banyak mencicipi pengalaman bermain di sejumlah klub Eropa, seperti Excelsior Rotterdam, FC Den Bosch, FC Nuremberg, FC Wintherthur, SC Kriens, dan FC Lucerne. Gantung sepatu sebagai pemain, Van Eck langsung beralih menjadi pelatih. Setelah meraih sertifikat UEFA Pro Coach Licence, pria asal Belanda ini melatih klub Jerman, Carl Zeiss Jena, dan kini di Medan Bintang.

9. Medan Chiefs

Pelatih : Jorg Steinebruner (Jerman)

Sepak bola Asia bukan barang baru bagi Jorg Steinebruner. Pelatih asal Jerman ini berpengalaman melatih sejumlah klub Singapura, seperti Woodland Wellington, Sengkang Punggol, dan Etoile. Mulai 2011, Steinebruner menguji kepiawaian beradu taktik di persepakbolaan Indonesia bersama Medan Chiefs.

10. Persema

Pelatih : Timo Scheuneman (Jerman)

Pelatih kelahiran Jerman yang fasih berbahasa Indonesia ini pernah bermain di klub college Amerika Serikat, Master Mustangs, dan pada 1997 menjadi pemain Persiba Balikpapan. Setelah itu, Indonesia seakan menjadi tanah air bagi Timo. Memegang lisensi kepelatihan UEFA A sejak 2007, Timo pernah dipercaya menangani timnas sepak bola putri Indonesia di SEA Games 2008 dan Persema sejak 2010 ini.

11. Real Mataram

Pelatih : Jose Basualdo (Argentina)

Jose Basualdo pernah mencicipi Piala Dunia 1990 dan 1994 semasa masih bermain membela timnas Argentina. Usai gantung sepatu, Basualdo menangani klub Ekuador, Deportivo Quito. Setelahnya, Basualdo menangani sejumlah klub Amerika Latin, seperti Universitario de Deportes, El Porvenir, Cienciano, Santiago Morning, dan Universidad de Santiago FC sebelum akhirnya dipinang Real Mataram.

12. Tangerang Wolves

Pelatih : Paulo Camargo (Brasil)

Di negara asalnya, Brasil, Paulo Camargo dikenal pelatih yang sangat serius dalam menangani tim dan jeli menciptakan pemain berbakat. Salah satu anak didiknya adalah Kaka ketika masih bermain di tim junior São Paulo Futebol Clube. Kini, kemampuan tersebut dapat ditularkan ke Indonesia. Kita nantikan siapa pemain muda cemerlang yang dilahirkan Camargo bersama Tangerang Wolves.


Riedl: Saya Siap Kehilangan Irfan

Posted: 06 Jan 2011 11:32 AM PST

Pelatih Timnas Indonesia U-23, Alfred Riedl, mengaku siap kehilangan striker Irfan Bachdim jelang persiapannya di SEA Games 2011 nanti.

"Ini sangat mudah. Pemain yang memperkuat klub yang tak diakui FIFA tidak akan bisa bermain di timnas," ujar Riedl soal prinsipnya.

Seperti diketahui, Persema Malang tempat Irfan bernaung, kini bermain di Liga Primer Indonesia yang oleh PSSI bersikukuh tetap menganggap kompetisi tersebut ilegal karena tak bernaung dibawah mereka yang merupakan organisasi resmi dibawah organisasi sepakbola dunia (FIFA).

PSSI pun akan memberikan sanksi kepada semua pihak yang terlibat di LPI tersebut dari pemain, klub, pelatih sampai perangkat pertandingan yakni wasit.

Nah, kini Riedl mengaku bingung karena ia memiliki aturan akan mengambil pemain Timnas Indonesia U-23 yang akan berlaga di SEA Games 2011 dari klub yang diakui FIFA.

Sebelumnya, Irfan bersama empat pemain lainnya yang pernah ikut di Piala AFF lalu, dipastikan tetap memperkuat Timnas Indonesia tanpa harus seleksi Januari ini yakni Yongki Ariwibowo, Kurnia Meiga, Okto Maniani dan Johan Juansyah.

"Kalau Irfan akhirnya dicoret, ya sudah. Saya akan kehilangan Irfan. Tapi itu bukan masalah bagi saya," kata pelatih asal Austria tersebut.

Riedl menegaskan, ia tidak bisa diintervensi dalam menjalankan tugasnya. Riedl menegaskan, ia siap dipecat jika ada yang tak senang dengan sikapnya tersebut.

Sementara itu, deputi bidang teknis Badan Tim Nasional (BTN) PSSI Iman Arif menyatakan, pemanggilan terhadap Irfan dan sejumlah klub dari LPI dilakukan sebelum kompetisi itu dimulai.

"Kami memasukkan nama Irfan karena dia belum main di LPI yang kompetisinya belum berjalan. Kalau Irfan main di LPI, kami menyerahkan masalah ini sepenuhnya kepada PSSI," kata Iman.

Riedl Panggil Syamsir Alam

Sementara itu Manajer Timnas SAD, Demis Djamaoedin mengaku jika Riedl penasaran dengan kemampuan striker Syamsir Alam. Ia dipanggil untuk mengikuti seleksi timnas U-23 yang mulai bergulir, Jumat [7/1].

Dengan dipanggilnya Syamsir, jumlah pemain yang mengikuti seleksi mencapai 85 orang. Seleksi ini ditujukan untuk membentuk timnas U-23 yang diterjunkan di pra-kualifikasi Olimpiade 2012 dan SEA Games 2011.

"Syamsir akan menjalani seleksi pada gelombang pertama pada 7-9 Januari nanti. Setelah itu, Syamsir langsung berangkat ke Uruguay guna menjalani latihan perdana dengan klub Penarol" kata Demis.

"Memang benar, Syamsil juga dipanggil Alfred Riedl untuk mengikuti seleksi sebelum dia berangkat ke Uruguay," lanjutnya.

Sebelumnya, tim pemandu bakat Badan Pengembangan dan Pembinaan Usia Muda [BPPUM] Yeyen Tumena menyatakan, dirinya dihubungi Riedl dan menanyakan tentang striker berusia 19 tahun itu.

"Riedl ingin melihat secara langsung kemampuan Syamsir. Karena itu dia dipanggil untuk ikut seleksi bersama pemain lainnya," ujar Yeyen.

Selain Syamsir, palang pintu yang juga akan bermain di Penarol, M Zainal Haq, akan berangkat lebih awal pada 9 Januari dibandingkan pemain lainnya yang masuk tim S.A.D. Keberangkatan lebih awal ini karena Syamsir dan Zainal Haq mengikuti latihan bersama Penarol.


Seleksi Timnas Indonesia U-23 Diisi Empat Pemain Keturunan

Posted: 06 Jan 2011 09:02 AM PST

Seleksi pemain Timnas Indonesia U-23 yang akan dipersiapkan untuk SEA Games 2011 nanti, akan diisi 90 pemain dan 4 diantaranya adalah pemain keturunan.

Seleksi Timnas U-23 akan digelar dalam 3 gelombang. Seleksi pertama digelar pada 6-9 Januari 2011. Dilanjutkan seleksi kedua pada 10-13 Januari, lalu seleksi ketiga pada 14-16 Januari 2011.

Keempat pemain keturunan itu sendiri didapat atas rekomendasi Deputi Bidang Teknis Badan Tim Nasional (BTN), Iman Arif.

Para pemain tersebut diantaranya Stefano Lilipaly (bek, 20 tahun, FC Utrecht Junior), James Zaidan Saragih (gelandang, 19 tahun, New York Cosmos), Mark van de Maarel (bek, 21 tahun, FC Utrecht), Andrea (sayap kanan yang pernah bermain di klub Liga Prancis).

Selain keempat pemain tadi, akan ditambah dengan Arthur Irawan. Pemain yang terdaftar di klub Inggris, Lytham Town ini WNI dan bukan pemain keturunan. Pemain 19 tahun ini lulusan Jakarta International School. Ia sedang menjalani tes di klub Inggris lainnya, Preston North End.

"Mereka akan dinaturalisasi jika kemampuannya bagus. Ya, dalam proses seleksi di lapangan itulah kemampuan mereka diuji," kata Iman.

Jika memenuhi selera pelatih timnas, Alfred Riedl, maka naturalisasi pemain keturunan itu akan diproses oleh PSSI.

"Tiga nama pertama berdarah Indonesia, sedangkan Andrea adalah warganegara Prancis yang sudah 17 tahun bermukim di Bali bersama keluarganya,'' lanjutnya.

Iman menambahkan jika orangtua Andrea rela anaknya menjadi WNI jika bisa masuk timnas Indonesia.

Sementara untuk James Zaidan, ia sudah tiba di tanah air, Selasa malam lalu. Ia berpaspor Amerika Serikat dan sempat mengikuti seleksi di Persebaya Surabaya U-21.

"Stefano dan Mark baru mendarat pekan depan. Kedua pemain ini merupakan anggota timnas U-21 Belanda,'' kata Iman lagi.


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Posted: 29 Dec 2010 12:00 AM PST

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