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top games Indonesian Article Directory Help!

Indonesian Article Directory Help!

Posted: 20 Sep 2010 01:13 PM PDT

Article sites are great, and with regard to the Indonesian web surfer a good article directory website designed for them is definitely long past due. The number of article websites geared towards the particular interest regarding the Indonesian internet user, composed in Indonesian is very small.

The big difference is due to the effect of an article directory site written in another language. Content created by persons from European countries, the UK or the US flood the net. Even if they are about Indonesia, they aren't normally done using the actual cultural perspective of an Indonesian.

The issues are produced for some other cultures as well as in another language and so they simply can't convey issues as plainly or conclusively. Indonesian net users need a place for their own passions in their own language.

A website happens to be an Indonesian Article website. It's authored in Indonesian featuring topics of appeal to Indonesians. No matter if it is relationships, recipes, child rearing or even ornamental plants there's a place pertaining to it. With regard to visitors from Indonesia this Indonesian article directory can be described as a well of information about things they're curious about written by individuals who speak their language.

Every area of this particular Indonesian article website happens to be geared towards the people of Indonesia. Parents exploring the diversified article site will come across a games section in Indonesian. This consists of the latest games plus the traditional childhood games meant for kids.

Very few elements express culture as effectively as games, hobbies and faith of a society and this particular content directory expresses the culture of Indonesia. There is space meant for creativeness there as well as for factual content as well as fiction and poetry.

For Indonesian website owners the benefit associated with this particular article site is probably immediately evident it's a great way to obtain material and not just relevant but also factual. Article content is a very good way for getting traffic to your websites.

There are actually articles on Indonesian accounting pertaining to businesses in Indonesia. Such material can be hard to come by, and invaluable if you'd like accurate and factual guidance to get your organization off the ground and be successful in what happens to be a really competitive industry.

Sometimes just exploring the site and looking at all the topics is actually enough to give a website owner ideas for their own content and subject areas. It's possible you will find yourself just browsing through the content reading up on random topics.

In whatever way you choose to use the Indonesian article directory it will almost definitely entertain, instruct or inform you with regards to current topics of interest in addition to conventional learning.

The Indonesian Article Directory has more than 10,000 website visitors per day. This alone says something about the need for Indonesian specific content and a good article directory written in the Indonesian language where they can be found. English article directory sites tend to be acceptable for English speakers but Indonesia has its own culture, passion, laws, as well as entertainment.

It is only reasonable that such an article directory website is going to be well-liked and also continue to grow as swiftly as has. This has benefits for an Indonesian reader and the Indonesian web site owner and businessperson that is motivated to become a success.

Peraih Medali Emas Dijanjikan Bonus Rp400 Juta

Posted: 20 Sep 2010 05:10 PM PDT

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Guna merangsang atlet nasional yang dikirim ke Asian Games XVI Guangzhou China mempersembahkan prestasi, Kementrian Pemuda dan Olahraga (Kemenpora) menjanjikan bonus Rp400 juta bagi atlet peraih medali emas.

"Untuk peraih medali perak direncakan dapat bonus Rp200 juta, dan perunggu Rp50 juta. Sedang pelatih yang atletnya meraih medali emas dijanjikan bonus Rp100 juta, perak Rp50 juta dan perunggu Rp30 juta," tegas Sekretaris Menpora, Wafid Muharam, di Jakarta, Senin.

Wafid mengatakan bonus yang dijanjikan jumlahnya disesuaikan dengan prestasi atlet yang diraih dalam Asian Games XVI Guangzhou China, November mendatang. Dengan begitu sudah tentu dana yang dipersiapkan untuk pemberian bonus pada atlet belum dapat disebutkan.

Sedang tahun 2006 di Doha Qatar, kontingen Indonesia membawa 2 medali emas, 4 perak dan 14 perunggu. Adapun di Asian Games XVI di Guanzhou, China, KOI berani memberikan target empat medali emas dari 24 cabang yang diikuti kontingen Indonesia. Karena jumlah kontingen Indonesia belum dapat ditentukan, setelah ada pengurangan satu cabang yaitu sofbol.

Melalui pengurangan tersebut, katanya, sudah tentu jumlah atletnya juga dikurangi. Pengurangan cabang sofbol menuju Asian Games XVI tidak dilakukan oleh kantor Menpora, namun merupakan hasil rapat dengan pemangku kepentingan yang duduk dalam KOI maupun Satuan Pelaksana Program Indonesia Emas (Satlak Prima).

Menurutnya, pengiriman atlet ke multi event internasional jangan dikaitkan dengan dana karena pemerintah sudah tentu akan memperjuangkan atletnya tampil dalam multi event Asia maupun dunia, dengan catatan atletnya bisa menjanjikan meraih prestasi optimal.

Namun bila prestasi yang dimiliki atletnya sulit untuk membuahkan prestasi di Guangzhou, maka untuk apa memaksakan diri tampil di Asian Games.(*)

Cabang Terukur Berpotensi Medali

Posted: 20 Sep 2010 03:31 PM PDT

jakarta, kompas - Meski kontingen Indonesia ke Asian Games 2010 di Guangzhou, China, dengan 24 cabang olahraga dinilai terlalu besar dan tidak berpengaruh pada peringkat Indonesia; Kepala Bidang Kepelatihan Satuan Pelaksana Program Indonesia Emas atau Satlak Prima Paulus Pesurney optimistis, cabang terukur mampu menyumbangkan medali di Asian Games XVI-2010. ...

Menpora: Semua Sumbang Medali

Posted: 20 Sep 2010 03:29 PM PDT

jakarta, kompas - Menteri Pemuda dan Olahraga Andi A Mallarangeng menjamin ke-24 cabang yang diberangkatkan ke Asian Games XVI- 2010 Guangzhou merupakan cabang yang mampu mempersembahkan medali guna memperbaiki peringkat Kontingen Indonesia di Asian Games. ...

Ridwan Optimistis Melaju ke Semifinal AFF 2010

Posted: 20 Sep 2010 02:09 PM PDT

Gelandang sayap Tim Nasional Indonesia Mohammad Ridwan optimistis dapat melaju ke semifinal Piala AFF 2010 meskipun berada satu grup dengan Thailand dan Malaysia.

Karate Indonesia Siap Tempur di Bali

Posted: 20 Sep 2010 01:01 PM PDT

JAKARTA (SINDO) – Persiapan tim karate Indonesia mendekati maksimal menjelang keikutsertaannya di 2nd Indonesia Open Karate Championship 2010.Fakta itu membuat Indonesia optimistis akan menggapai posisi tiga besar dalam event yang berlangsung di Denpasar, Bali, 24–26 September 2010.

Sony Mundur dari Jepang Super Series

Posted: 20 Sep 2010 01:01 PM PDT

JAKARTA (SINDO) – Kekuatan bulu tangkis Indonesia di Jepang Super Series, 21–26 September, berkurang. Pasalnya, Merah Putih tidak akan diperkuat Sony Dwi Kuncoro yang memutuskan absen di Jepang karena cedera pinggang.

Menpora Harapkan 4 Emas di Guangzhou

Posted: 20 Sep 2010 01:01 PM PDT

JAKARTA (SINDO) – Menteri Pemuda dan Olahraga (Menpora) Andi Mallarangeng berharap target perolehan emas atlet Indonesia pada Asian Games 2010 Guangzhou, China, naik menjadi empat emas.

Flores <b>Indonesia</b> SMSTap v1.0.4 Application for Android | Entertainment

Posted: 20 Sep 2010 03:50 AM PDT

Application for Android - Flores Indonesia SMSTap - Entertainment. ... You are Here. Home > Applications > Entertainment > Flores Indonesia SMSTap. Sponsored Applications. Your Application or Game here ...

Eliminate boredom by playing online <b>games</b> | BATIK <b>INDONESIA</b>

Posted: 20 Sep 2010 03:03 AM PDT

When we're alone at home or elsewhere, certainly we feel bored when there is nothing we can do. Of course we want to engage in a fun and entertaining as.

Penasaran Batik Corak SEA Games?

Posted: 20 Sep 2010 07:29 AM PDT

Menteri Pemuda dan Olah Raga (Menpora) Andi Malarangeng meluncurkan secara resmi batik bercorak cabang olah raga yang akan dipertandingkan pada SEA Games 2011 mendatang.

Menpora Luncurkan Batik Corak Sea Games

Posted: 20 Sep 2010 04:50 AM PDT

20/09/2010 18:40 (Sea Games 2011) Menpora Andi Malarangeng meluncurkan secara resmi batik bercorak cabang olahraga yang akan dipertandingkan pada SEA Games 2011.

Cabang Olahraga yang Ikut Harus Berpeluang

Posted: 19 Sep 2010 03:29 PM PDT

Jakarta, Kompas - Pemerintah, KONI, KOI, dan Program Indonesia Emas atau Prima harus bertanggung jawab bahwa cabang olahraga yang dikirim ke Asian Games memiliki peluang meraih medali. Asian Games XVI-2010 Guangzhou, China, bakal berlangsung 54 hari lagi mulai 12 hingga 27 November mendatang. ...

<b>Games</b>: traditional vs. modern <b>Indonesia</b> Know It Love It <b>Games</b> <b>...</b>

Posted: 15 Aug 2010 03:01 PM PDT

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