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top games Playing the Slot <b>Games</b> Easily from the Comfort of Own House <b>...</b>

Playing the Slot <b>Games</b> Easily from the Comfort of Own House <b>...</b>

Posted: 24 Aug 2010 05:25 PM PDT

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One of the online games that interested to play with is the casino slot machines. People usually play this game at many gaming place like Las Vegas. But, right now people that want to play this game should not be worried anymore with the distance as well as expenses that are needed to play for the game in the Las Vegas or Macau. Moreover, many people will not only be able to lower the expense that they should pay to visit the game, yet they will also be able to play the games more easily. It will not be hard anymore to play for this most exciting game since people will easily be able to bring the games to their house using the internet.

By the help of the internet, people will easily be able to bring the casino slot machines to their house easily. It does not mean that people have to purchase the game machine. All they need to do is providing the internet connection so that they can play it directly at their house. There are so many internet sites that are able to provide the most complete service of online games nowadays. The most important thing to do is just picking the right and suitable site for us with using the help from With the help from this site, people will be able to choose the best online gaming site that reliable to play with so they can play the online games easily and comfortably from their house.

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Badminton World Championships 2010: Gade Starts Strong | Badminton <b>...</b>

Posted: 24 Aug 2010 11:56 AM PDT

The upsets failed to materialize on Day 1 but there were a few big names crashing out of the mixed doubles in on the second day of the World Championships.

The bottom half of the draw for the men's singles got underway today, with 2nd seeded Peter Gade being the main attraction on this side of the draw. His opponent with the Brazilian Daniel Paiola wasn't expected to trouble the Dane and that was the case as Gade stormed into Round 2 in just 23 minutes, winning 21-10, 21-7. 4th seeded Chen Jin of China is also safely into the second round, defeating Finland's Ville Lang in his first match 21-14, 21-14.

There was some good news for Indonesia after Kuncoro's injury, with 8th seeded Simon Santoso progressing to the second round after a two game victory over Poland's Przemyslaw Wacha. There were also wins for Wong Choong Hann, Marc Zwiebler but a surprise loss for the 14th seeded Chetan Anand in two games, losing to Singapore's Chen Yong Zhao Ashton. 9th seeded Boonsak Ponsana is also safety into Round 2 after an impressive 21-6, 21-6 victory over Russia's Vladimir Malkov.

The top half of the women's singles got underway today, with top seed Wang Yihan winning her opening match in two games. There was similar success for 7th seeded Wang Lin after Maja Tvrdy of Slovenia. Both Chinese players will play seeded opponents in their third round matches, with 10th seed Eriko Hirose taking on Wang Yihan after her second two game victory of the week. 12th seeded Yip Pui Yin takes on Wang Lin after defeating Anna Rice in two games.

There was a winning start for Tine Baun also, the 4th seed defeating Lianne Tan of Belgium to book her place in the last 16. She will play the 15th seeded Petya Nedelcheva after a two game victory over Larisa Griga of Ukraine. There was a late shock in as Cheng Shao Chieh defeated the 14th seeded Bae Sueng Hee in three games to book her place in the last 16. The 8th seeded Juliane Schenk was the last person on this side of the draw to book her place, defeating her Malaysian opponent in two games to go into Round 3.

The top half of the men's doubles also took place today, with 7th seeded Lee and Jung progressing against the American duo of Fogarty and Neumann, winning the match 21-13, 21-4. The 4th seeded Guo and Xu are also through after an early scare in the opening game against Langridge and Middleton of England but eventually progressed 24-22, 21-15. Paaske and Rasmussen defeated their Austrian opponents in two games to also progress into the last 16.

There were also wins for the 12th seeded Chen and Lin as well as 14th seeded Chinese pair of Chai and Zhang. However the 9th seeded Chendra and Gunawan lost surprisingly to Suputra and Wijaya of Singapore in two games, another scalp taken by the Singapore squad at the championships. The 15th seeded Indian pair of Kumar and Thomas ended the African interest at the World Championships with a 21-14, 21-16 with over Viljoen and James of South Africa. The final match of the day seen the top seeds, Koo and Tan defeated the Czech duo of Kopriva and Kopriva to set up a 3rd round match against Chai and Zhang, the 14hth seeds from China.

The top seeds in the women's doubles are safely into the last 16 as Ma and Jin comfortably beat their opponents, Wang and Wang from the USA 21-7, 21-7 to book their 3rd round match against Sari and Yao of Singapore. 5th seeded Miyuki and Suetsuna are also through to the last 16 with a two game win over Molina and Ojeda of Spain and take on the 10th seeded Nedelcheva and Russkikh.

The most convincing performance of the day came from the 6th seeded Ha and Kim of Korea who defeated Gruber and Jaquet 21-2, 21-5 in just 18 minutes to set up their 3rd round match against the 16th seeded Gutta and Ponnappa of India, who defeated Ukraine's Ultina and Voytsekh in two games to book their place in the last 16.

In the bottom half of the draw, where no matches took place today there was still news as Lee and Lee pulled out of their second round match against Pan and TIan of Chinese tomorrow. This is likely due to an injury to Lee Kyung Won as Lee Hyo Jung is still scheduled to play with Lee Yong Dae in tomorrow's mixed doubles match.

The biggest shock of the day came in the mixed doubles as 3rd seeded Mateusiak and Kostiuczyk were stunned by Singapore's Triyachart and Yao to cap off a stunning day of upsets for the Singapore squad, winning the match in three games, 21-13, 16-21, 21-14. There was another seed falling in the same half of the draw as 11th seeded Chen and Chou crashed out to Yoo and Kim of Korea, who won the deciding game 24-22 to book their place in the last 16.

There were no such problems for others seeds, as the 12th seeded Ko and Ha progressed into the third round with a two game win over Hashimoto and Fujii of Japan. There was also an impressive win from the 8th seeded Zheng and Ma as they play just their 6th tournament of the year but still managed an impressive 21-7, 21-9 victory over their Ukrainian opponents. One of the final matches of the day saw the top seeded Natsir and Widianto defeat Kurniawan and Bernadet also of Indonesia in two games to progress into Round 3.

Day 2 Results


BI Klaim Rupiah Sulit Sekali Dipalsukan

Posted: 24 Aug 2010 05:32 PM PDT

Jakarta, (Analisa) Bank Indonesia (BI) mencatat peredaran uang palsu di Indonesia masih sangat rendah jika dibandingkan di negara lain kaarena rupiah sangat sulit dipalsukan. Di Indonesia, 'hanya' 7 lembar uang palsu ditemukan diantara 1 juta lembar uang asli.

Cadangan Devisa RI Tembus US$80,4 Miliar

Posted: 24 Aug 2010 05:32 PM PDT

Jakarta, (Analisa) Bank Indonesia (BI) mencatat cadangan devisa RI sampai dengan 20 Agustus 2010 tembus ke level US$ 80,4 miliar. Angka tersebut naik sebesar US$ 1,606 miliar jika dibandingkan dengan akhir Juli 2010 yang sebesar US$ 78,794 miliar.

Mengapa BI Ngotot Ingin Mengawasi Perbankan?

Posted: 24 Aug 2010 05:32 PM PDT

Jakarta, (Analisa) Bank Indonesia (BI) bersikeras meyakinkan Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat (DPR) agar kewenangan pengawasan perbankan tetap berada dalam tubuh bank sentral.

Indonesia Belum Butuh Impor Beras

Posted: 24 Aug 2010 05:31 PM PDT

Jakarta, (Analisa) Indonesia belum membutuhkan beras impor untuk mencukupi kebutuhan pangan dalam negeri hingga akhir tahun, meski negara lain seperti India dan China sudah bersiap melakukan impor mengantisipasi keadaan iklim tak menentu.

BWF World Championship; Simon Lolos dari Hadangan Pertama

Posted: 24 Aug 2010 05:22 PM PDT

Paris, (Analisa) Setelah Taufik Hidayat, Indonesia meloloskan lagi satu wakilnya ke babak kedua. Adalah Simon Santoso yang mengalahkan pebulutangkis non unggulan Wacha Przemyslaw.

Televisi AS Tayangkan Demo Masakan Indonesia

Posted: 24 Aug 2010 05:20 PM PDT

Salah satu stasiun televisi terkemuka AS di kawasan Midwest, STL TV, akan menayangkan demonstrasi masakan Indonesia pada September.

Jumlah Cabang ke Asian Games 2010 Bakal Tambah

Posted: 24 Aug 2010 03:24 PM PDT

Jakarta, Kompas - Komite Olimpiade Indonesia belum bisa memastikan jumlah kontingen Indonesia yang bakal dikirim ke Asian Games 2010 di Guangzhou, China, November mendatang, karena jumlah cabang yang ingin berangkat masih bertambah. ...

UC Browser Start Page New Change[UCWEB-7.3 <b>INDONESIA</b> by Yakisara <b>...</b>

Posted: 24 Aug 2010 07:05 AM PDT

SparxUp Awards 2010, Bangkitkan Digital StartUp Indonesia

Posted: 24 Aug 2010 06:12 AM PDT

JAKARTA - Dunia internet di Indonesia kini sedang maju pesat. Adopsi internet melalui perangkat komputer dan mobile kian cepat dan makin murah. Lahan ini tak luput dari bidikan para inovator dan visioner lokal yang mulai mengembangkan bisnis berbasi teknologi internet dan mobile.

Tapi sayang, banyak inovator yang kesulitan untuk mengembangkan perusahaan perintis (StartUp Company) di bidang teknologi. Sebab itu, SemutApy Colony, Daily mencoba untuk merintis sebuah pergerakan kultur internet yang diintegrasikan ke dalam sebuah event besar bernama SparxUp Awards 2010.

Ajang ini bukan acara kompetisi 'semalam' saja, melainkan sebuah kegiatan berkesinambungan. Tujuannya mengajak generasi internet Indonesia untuk tidak sekedar menjadi konsumen produk luar, namun juga sebagai generasi internet yang produktif berinovasi.

"SparxUp adalah sebuah cultural movement untuk para enterpreneur Indonesia yang siap mengubah dunia. Indonesia selama ini dipandang sebelah mata, namun belakangan mulai menjadi pusat perhatian sampai ke Silicon Valley. Saatnya kita mengubah Indonesia dari sekedar konsumen menjadi produsen layanan bermutu yang tidak kalah dengan Silicon Valley. We want change the world," kata Rama Mamuaya, CEO Daily saat konferensi pers SparxUp Award 2010, di Jakarta, Selasa (24/8/2010).

SparxUp 2010 ditujukan untuk Digital StartUp company yang kepemilikannya tidak berada di bawah brand-brand besar, dan telah beroperasi di bawah lima tahun. Dari sisi penghasilan, perusahaan yang berhak mengikuti ajang ini adalah perusahaan yang memiliki penghasilan di bawah Rp1 miliar setahun.

Ajang yang pertama dilakukan tahun ini akan memberikan penghargaan untuk delapan kategori, yakni best social network site, games, e-commerce, mobile apps, WAP, portal, user generated content, use of technology.

"Kami menargetkan sekira 300 perusahaan akan ikut dalam ajang ini, nantinya akan ada tiga pemenang untuk masing-masing kategori," kata Herman Kwok, CMO SemutApi Colony.

SparxUp akan terbagi ke dalam tiga periode, yakni tahap pre event yakni sepanjang Juli hingga Oktober 2010. "Pada tahap ini kita akan menjaring dari 300 menjadi 50-60 yang nantinya akan terpilih menjadi 24 pemenang," kata herman.

Selanjutnya di tahap kedua, akan dilakukan penjurian, di mana ke 24 peserta akan mempresentasikannya di depan juri. "Tahap ini berlangsung sekira dua hari, dan nantinya akan terpilih dua pemenang yang akan mendapatkan coaching dari SparxUp community dan memenangi hadiah senilai Rp200 juta," kata Herman.

Sedangkan tahap akhir adalah tahap post event, di tahap ini nantinya SparxUp akan membangun komunitas forum dan mengadakan gathering ke daerah. Setiap pemenang nantinya dapat memberikan pengalaman di ajang community gathering. Informasi bagi StartUp Company yang ingin mengikuti ajang ini bisa diakses melalui (ugo)

Backgammon Early <b>Game</b> Strategy | Jawa Bali <b>Indonesia</b> Travel and <b>...</b>

Posted: 23 Aug 2010 07:37 AM PDT provides information about Airline travel, Aviation Airplane, Travel and Leisure,Camping, Charter Jets, Cruising, Hotel Accommodations, Outdoors, Sailing, Timeshare, and Vacation Rentals.

Masuk 100 Dunia demi Nilai Jual

Posted: 23 Aug 2010 01:15 PM PDT

Badan Tim Nasional (BTN) mengalami perombakan total.Timnas Indonesia pun dibangun dari awal. Bukan lagi sekadar mewujudkan target juara Piala AFF 2010 atau medali emas SEA Games (SEAG) 2011.

<b>Indonesia</b> again | Technology News And Reviews

Posted: 22 Aug 2010 09:50 AM PDT

I was thinking of naming this post “Revisiting Indonesia” or “Shipping in Indonesia”, but then I was worried whether it’d attract some spam comments from shady travel agents or business ventures. Indonesia (2005) is one of the most expensive games I have ever bought. It is a niche game published by a niche publisher, Splotter Spellen from Netherlands. I have only played it once before, more than a year ago, and it was a not-very-interesting 2-player game, so I have been wanting to play it again with more players. Afterall, this is a game that I use in my blog header background, representing my liking of heavy Eurogames.

The Play

Han, Afif and Reza came to play today (Sun 22 Aug 2010). Since we had 4 people and 4 hours, I decided to bring Indonesia to the table. None of them have played before. Our game took almost exactly 4 hours to play, including rules explanation (I think about half an hour, maybe slightly less).

hcs 20100822 3621 Indonesia again

Han, Afif and Reza.

Era A went by rather quickly, because there were 4 players, and the companies got snatched up very quickly. In R&D, most of us went with increasing the number of slots for owning companies. We were quite peaceful in the early game, mostly minding our own businesses. Afif was the first to go for the merger tech, and thus was the first to start proposing mergers. In this game, mergers usually mean hostile takeovers of companies. In the early part of the mid game, there were many mergers. I let go of a shipping company when a merger was proposed to merge it with another, because I felt shipping didn’t really earn a lot of money, and I didn’t want to spend too much money to protect it, lest my other companies get targeted. It was a decision I regretted later.

Han was first to propose a spice company and rice company merger, creating a siap faji company. Siap faji is a microwave meal. Afif told us it’s instant noodles. So throughout our game we called it Indomie, which is a well-known instant noodles brand from Indonesia. We had a lot of Indomie companies. Health consciousness is totally lacking in the younger generation. They only eat Indomie and they don’t eat rice. During the mid-game I let go of two more of my companies, one a rice company, another a spice company, because they were forced to merge with other companies to become Indomie companies, and I didn’t want to own Indomie companies. Not that I cared about the health message. There was too much competition. I eventually became a rubber tycoon. I guess manufacturing, ahem, contraceptives, is more my thing.

The meat of our game was in Era B, among the flurry of mergers. Era C came and went rather quickly too. The oil companies didn’t make too big an impact. Everyone was making and eating Indomie, and many were trading rubber. At mid game, there were only three shipping companies, owned by Afif, Han and Reza, and all of them spanned most of the archipelago. I was the only one without a shipping company. I think I did pretty well in operating my production companies, and had pretty good cashflow throughout the game, but I underestimated how profitable shipping companies were. Also, due to not controlling any shipping company, I could not direct the expansion of shipping routes to Sarawak, where I had a potentially quite profitable oil company. Unfortunately, the keyword was “potentially” and not “profitable”.

hcs 20100822 3623 Indonesia again

I think this was early in Era B. I owned that 4-plantation rice company, and that 3-yellow-ships shipping company, but both were later taken away from me due to mergers.

hcs 20100822 3624 Indonesia again

On the left is one of the small spice companies that I used to own. Maaan… I’m being so nostalgic about my old companies… I need to learn to let go.

hcs 20100822 3626 Indonesia again

Those cubes are from Age of Steam. We used them to mark ship capacity usage. They are much easier to handle than the small, flat $5 coins. And they look like containers on the ships.

hcs 20100822 3627 Indonesia again

Second last round of the game. So many Indomie (siap faji) companies. Two were owned by Han, and one by Reza.

hcs 20100822 3628 Indonesia again

My pride – the Hiew Rubber Company which I defended from a hostile takeover attempt by Afif. I also competed fiercely with Han’s small rubber company and denied it growth. But his rubber company was a small side business which didn’t matter much to him anyway. Reza’s small rice company and my small oil company on Borneo Island (foreground) never managed to grow, due to lack of shipping routes.

When the game ended and we totaled the scores, first place and second place was only $14 apart! Han had $1692, and Reza $1678, a 0.8% difference! In that final round if I had chosen to use Reza’s ships instead of Afif’s for some of my shipments, Reza would have won. But then I knew Reza was doing better than Afif, so I had deliberately tried to use Afif’s ships more where I could. I had $1277, a very distant 3rd. Afif had $1013. His downfall was the lack of decent production companies throughout the game. Both Han and Reza had decent production and shipping companies. They mostly used their own ships for delivery, which saved a lot of money. They also had a collaboration going, prefering to use each other’s shipping companies over Afif’s when there was a choice. Their business networks happened to complement each other, so it was a mutually beneficial arrangement. That’s what business is about afterall.

In the final round I earned $360 from my rubber plantations, but more than $180 of that went to the three shipping companies owned by Han, Reza and Afif. Money earned in the last round is doubled, so I really helped them a lot. The cities didn’t grow much throughout our game, so I had to ship rather far. This was, of course, good news for the shipping companies.

hcs 20100822 3629 Indonesia again

The R&D chart at game end. Han was orange, Reza black, me green, Afif purple. That stack of discs on the Turn Order tech was a mistake. None of us researched that.

hcs 20100822 3630 Indonesia again

I’m quite pleased with my Age of Steam cubes solution to the shipping management problem.

The Thoughts

  1. You need a calculator. It makes the mergers much easier.

  2. Use some wooden cubes from another game to mark ship capacity usage, as opposed to trying to stand the ships on different sides, or placing $5 coins as suggested by the rules. Cubes are good, and cubes are cute.

  3. Take actions simultaneously when they won’t impact others. It saves time.

  4. Don’t underestimate the profitability of shipping companies. Aaarrgghh!!!

  5. The game is long, but it doesn’t feel so because you are constantly engaged.

  6. A lot of chores in the game. Effort vs decision ratio is high. It does have a lot of interesting decisions and tense moments, but you have to be prepared to pay the price – the fiddling around with bits and the long play time.

  7. In our game noone bothered to increase the bidding technology, so when bidding for turn order, usually whoever bid earlier would lose, because the later bidders would always be willing to pay the previous bid + 1, if they wanted to go earlier. So this is an aspect that we have not explored.

  8. We mostly tried to own many companies – increasing our slots, as opposed to trying to own fewer but bigger companies. Even by game end, only Afif had the level 3 merger tech, i.e. he could propose a merger of a size 1 company and a size 2 company. The rest of us were at level 2. This meant noone could propose to merge two size 2 companies (you’d need to be at level 4 of the merger tech). I think things would be more interesting (i.e. vicious) if all of us had higher merger techs. With the level 4 tech, the shipping companies and the Indomie (siap faji) companies would be at risk. This is another aspect that can be explored further.

  9. Hmmm… saying that we “sped past” a 4-hour game is rather scary, but that’s what I sincerely felt. I felt we missed exploring some aspects of the game because we had sped through it.

  10. Indonesia can be an unforgiving game, like Greed Incorporated (also by Splotter Spellen). One key mistake, or one early mistake, can cripple you. That kinda sucks when you are investing in a 4-hour game. But that’s the price you have to pay. I enjoy how tense and brutal the mergers can be. This is a game that you need to stay sharp throughout. It is a game of knowing where the big decisions are, make making the right choices at those critical moments. This is truly a gamer’s game.

  11. Was Indonesia worth the money that I paid for it? I don’t measure a game’s worth by money paid. I measure it by (a) whether I play it enough times to appreciate the intricacies, (b) whether I like the game after understanding it, (c) whether I had a good time with my friends. (c) is definitely there, and I hope to continue to work on (a) and (b).

34958803631138938 5308394861519769114?l=hiewandboardgames.blogspot Indonesia again

Kecewa Prestasi Indonesia, Rita Kagumi Pembinaan Singapura

Posted: 22 Aug 2010 05:05 AM PDT

Kecewa Prestasi Indonesia, Rita Kagumi Pembinaan Singapura image

Jakarta, CyberNews. Ketua Umum KONI/KOI Rita Subowo mengaku prihatin prestasi Indonesia dalam Youth Olympic Games (YOG) di Singapura, yang hanya mendapatkan sekeping perunggu. Walaupun, hasil tersebut telah diprediksi sebelumnya. "Kami tentunya sangat prihatin dengan hasil ini. Saya sebelumnya sudah memprediksi akan hal ini," ujar Rita, Sabtu (21/8).

Perolehan medali itu persis dengan prestasi yang ditorehkan dalam Youth Asian Games 2009. Saat itu Indonesia meraih perunggu cabang bola voli pantai putra. Menurut Rita, pihaknya telah berupaya maksimal untuk dapat meloloskan atlet dalam YOG 2010.

Namun karena keterbatasan dana guna mengirimkan atlet mengikuti kualifikasi, Indonesia hanya meloloskan 14 atlet yang berlaga di tujuh cabang olah raga. Dia membandingkan dengan Thailand yang meloloskan 35 atlet remaja dengan perolehan tiga emas.

Ke depan, permasalahan yang dihadapi Indonesia harus segera ditangani untuk perkembangan prestasi olah raga nasional. Untuk itu, Rita berharap, Program Indonesia Emas, khususnya Satuan Pelaksana Pratama atau atlet yunior di bawah usia 18 tahun, harus mengembangkan kerja sama dengan instansi terkait seperti Kementrian Pendidikan Nasional.

Kemudian kerja sama dengan Pusat Pendidikan dan Latihan Pelajar serta Pusat Pendidikan dan Latihan Mahasiswa. "Kami akan menggalakkan kerja sama ini secara berkelanjutan, dan memonitor atlet yang masih duduk di bangku sekolah bersama–sama instansi terkait tentunya," terang Rita.

Dikatakan, Singapura telah membuktikan kepada dunia bahwa mereka mampu menyelenggarakan YOG yang baru kali pertama digelar. Sebanyak 205 negara mengirimkan delegasi dalam gelaran akbar tersebut. Selain sukses menjadi penyelenggara, menurut Rita, dia kagum dengan fasilitas olahraga pelajar di negara kota dan pulau itu.

Mereka mempunyai fasilitas yang dinamakan Singapura Sport School yang dibangun di atas lahan tujuh hektar. Mereka juga mempunyai 10 cabang olah raga prioritas pembinaan. "Ini yang menjadi prioritas kami bila kita tidak mau tertinggal dengan negara tetangga terdekat yang sudah mempunyai fasilitas olah raga sangat luar biasa," tuturnya.

(Wahyu Wijayanto/CN26)

Point Blank <b>Game</b> Online Point Blank <b>Indonesia</b>

Posted: 20 Aug 2010 03:15 AM PDT

Point Blank Game adalah salah satu Game Online  Indonesia yang paling laku saat ini. Game Point Blank, begitu menarik dan membuat kita merasa penasaran uantuk main Point Blank sepanjang hari. Walaupunbegitu banyaknya Game Online Terbaru yang hadir serta rilis tahun 2010 ini. Namun Point Blank, sebagai Game Online belum bisa ada yang menggantikan posisi dan kedudukannya di hati para gamers.

In external ballistics, point-blank range is the distance between a firearm and a target of a given size such that the bullet in flight is expected to strike the target without adjusting the elevation of the firearm. The point-blank range will vary with the firearm and its particular ballistic characteristics, as well as the target chosen. A firearm with a flatter trajectory will permit a nearer minimum and further maximum point blank range for a given target size, while a larger target will allow for a longer point blank range for a given firearm.

In forensics and popular usage, point-blank range has come to mean extreme close range (i.e., target within about a meter (3 ft) of the muzzle at moment of discharge but not close enough to be an actual contact shot). Gunshot wounds from point-blank are identified by extensive powder burns as well as tissue damage from perforation by unburned grains of gunpowder

The term point blank range is of French origin. The center of a target was once a small white spot and the French for white is blanc, and aim is point. The term therefore means "aim at the center of the target." [2]

The term originated with the techniques used to aim muzzleloading cannon. The barrels of the cannon tapered down from breech to muzzle, so that when the top of the cannon was held horizontal, the bore actually sat at an elevated angle. In addition, the firing of the gun caused the muzzle to elevate slightly due to recoil, and this would result in an upward movement by the shot even in a cylindrical cannon. This caused the shot to rise above the natural line of sight very soon after leaving the muzzle, and later dropping below the line of sight due to the curved trajectory of the shot.

By firing a given projectile and charge in the cannon, the distance at which the shot fell below the bottom of the bore could be measured. This distance was considered the point blank range. Any target within the point blank range required the gun to be depressed; any target beyond the point blank range required the gun to be elevated, up to the angle of greatest range, which happens somewhat before 45 degrees of elevation.

The point blank range varies significantly with not only the ballistics of the gun, but also its shape, as it is shape that determines the natural line of sight on which point blank range is based. Various cannon of the 19th century had point blank ranges from 250 yards (12 lb howitzer, 0.595 lb (0.270 kg) powder charge) to nearly 1075 yards (30 lb carronade, solid shot, 3.53 lb (1.60 kg) powder charge).

Small arms are often sighted-in so that the sight line and bullet path are within a certain acceptable margin out to the longest possible range, called the maximum point blank range. The range of distance inside the maximum point blank range is greatly dependent on the external ballistics of the cartridge in question; high velocity rounds have long point blank ranges, while slow rounds have much shorter point blank ranges. Other factors in the point blank range are the target size (which determines how far above and below the line of sight the trajectory may deviate), the height of the sights, and an acceptable drop before a shot is ineffective.

Maximum point blank range for hunting
A large target, like the vitals area of a deer, allows a deviation of a few inches (as much as 10 cm) while still ensuring a quickly disabling hit. A varmint such as a prairie dog requires a much smaller deviation, less than an inch (about 2 cm). The height of the sights has two effects on point blank range. If the sights are lower than the allowable deviation, then point blank range starts at the muzzle, and any difference between the sight height and the allowable deviation is lost distance that could have been in point blank range. Higher sights, up to the maximum allowable deviation, push the maximum point blank range further from the gun. Sights that are higher than the maximum allowable deviation push the start of the point blank range out from the gun; this is quite common on varmint rifles, where close shots are never made, as it places the point blank range out to the expected range of the targets.

Maximum point blank range for military use
This sight setting for maximum point blank range is also referred to in the military as Battle Zero. Soldiers are instructed to fire at any target within this range by simply placing the sights on the center of mass of the enemy target. Any errors in range estimation are tactically irrelevant as a well-aimed shot will hit the torso of the enemy soldier. The current trend for elevated sights and higher velocity cartridges in assault rifles is in part due to a desire to extend the maximum point blank range, which makes the rifle easier to use.

Calculating point-blank range
A projectile falls due to gravity once it leaves a weapon barrel. All objects at
the same geographic location fall with the same acceleration, denoted g, roughly 9.8 m/s² (32 ft/s²). Velocity is a vector; the vertical component of any projectile's velocity can be treated separately from the horizontal component. If the barrel is horizontal and at height h above the ground, then Newton's Equations of Motion can be used to show that the range is approximately \scriptstyle v \sqrt\frac{2h}{g}, where v is the muzzle velocity. This calculated range is reduced by air resistance. The air resistance depends on at least the frontal area of the projectile, the drag coefficient, air density and obviously the speed of the projectile -- making the problem a differential equation.

Download Point Blank Online <b>Indonesia</b>

Posted: 20 Aug 2010 02:57 AM PDT

Point Blank is a genre of computer games were played online FPS. The game was developed by Zepetto from South Korea and published by NCSoft. Besides South Korea, this game has their own servers in Thailand, Russia, and Indonesia. In Indonesia, the game is managed by PT. Kreon. Point Blank is about the feud between the Free Rebels and the government in this case Counter Terrorist Force (CT-Force). Origins of this feud is the increasing number of immigrants who do not get a job and expelled from the community. So to survive, the immigrants do various crimes, such as: robbery to drug trafficking. Over time this activity is increasingly organized to form an organization called the Free Rebels. Due to conflicts with immigrants increasingly widespread, the government formed an organization to monitor, supervise and look for the presence of terrorists called Free Rebels. The organization is called Counter Terrorist Force (CT-Force).

This one game called Point Blank, or PB, this game is popular in Indonesia. Is an online game system using a server provided by gemscool. Here we will have a character who has the rank attack at the start of the low. If later on we often win will get additional points and will boost our ranks. The higher the rank of the character we are more powerful, better than a good gun and shot accuracy.

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