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Racing <b>Game</b> FreeJack Goes to <b>Indonesia</b> | TIG Global - beta

Racing <b>Game</b> FreeJack Goes to <b>Indonesia</b> | TIG Global - beta

Posted: 29 Nov 2010 05:32 PM PST

An action racing game <FreeJack> developed by WiseOn and published by Big Spoon is signed for publishing in Indonesia with Faveo Entertainment on 28th.

<FreeJack> has been signed with 3 companies during the G-Star 2010 and it is its 4th signing.

“Indonesia which is a high potential market among the SEA would be a new breach for Korean online games. We will finish publishing <FreeJack> in Asia market within this year and will make new gust of racing game in 2011,” said MinSeok Kim the CEO of Big Spoon.

“We have watched <FreeJack> for a long time and have decided to publish it as our first title after many tests and various QAs. We are sure it will make new pie in the sports game market of Indonesia,” said Reagen the CEO of Faveo.

<FreeJack>has been signed with more than 45 countries and has been preparing new content for global service in next year.

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