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top games Story of Figures in <b>Indonesia</b>: Celtics vs Knicks Live Streaming <b>...</b>

Story of Figures in <b>Indonesia</b>: Celtics vs Knicks Live Streaming <b>...</b>

Posted: 22 Apr 2011 03:14 PM PDT

From – Celtics bring a 2-0 lead into Game 3 of the Eastern Conference first-round series on Friday, with all the Knicks knowing these folks were close to winning both games and also getting close to going home for the summer. ...

"Jurig Escape" <b>Game</b> Made in <b>Indonesia</b> | tWin Gamers

Posted: 22 Apr 2011 09:26 AM PDT

"Jurig Escape" Game Made in Indonesia. Filed in Big Games 0 comments. The way the game is similar to "left or dead" but this one was tense, his name is "Jurig Escape". Tells of Son high school locked inside the school, and must collect ...

Hype Machine for Southeast Asian <b>Games</b> Ready to Go Into Overdrive <b>...</b>

Posted: 22 Apr 2011 03:38 AM PDT

Electronics company Panasonic Gobel Indonesia and Indofood Sukses Makmur, Indonesia’s biggest instant-noodle maker, are also expected to be involved in promoting the Games.

National and regional card games: Indonesia

Posted: 20 Apr 2011 04:49 AM PDT

Survey of card and tile games played in Indonesia. ... Card games in Indonesia. Truf is a four-player trick-taking game played with the international 52-card pack.

Welcome - Laser Game Indonesia

Posted: 18 Apr 2011 02:14 AM PDT

Laser Game Indonesia
Kemang Raya 16A
Jakarta - Indonesia
Telp.: (021) 718 19 21 (Front desk) 
(021) 718 19 18 (Marketing)


<b>Game</b> Collector Pro 3.0.3 Buy OEM Cheap | Artikel <b>Indonesia</b> Kirim <b>...</b>

Posted: 31 Jul 2008 12:00 AM PDT

Game Collector Pro 3.0.3 OEM Low Cost 


Buy Now Game Collector Pro 3.0.3 OEM

Catalog your video games automatically
Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, DS and older platforms
Download data & images from our online database

Create a personal game database
* Catalog platform, developer, publisher, release date
* Include a game description and screenshots
* All platforms supported, from the current to the classics

Then enjoy browsing your personal game database on your computer
* View your game database as a list or as gallery of cover
* Group games by platform, genre, series or any other property.
* Find games quickly, either by title, genre or anything you

Add games to your database in three easy steps
* 1. Enter title and platform to search our online game database.
* 2. Select your game from the search results.
* 3. Click the Add button to add it to your personal database.

Game Collector will automatically download data and images
* All game information: Developer, Publisher, Genre, Release
Date, etc…
* More details like audience rating and a description of the game
* The box cover image

Want it even easier? Try cataloging your games by barcode
* No need to type titles, just use a scanner to scan the game’s
* The search results will automatically return the exact edition
that you own.
* Try our deluxe laser scanner or the simple Cuecat scanner. Game Collector Features:

* Jump directly to key features:
* Browse your game database
* Add data & covers automatically
* Supported game platforms
* Available data fields
* Search and sort your database
* View your data in various skins
* View statistics of your database
* Print your game data
* Export game data, e.g. to HTML
* Use the game loan manager

Browse your game collection
* Browse your game inventory on screen, ordered the way you want
(e.g. by Platform, by Genre, by Purchase Date, etc…).
* You can view your lists in a columnar List View or in the cool
Images View, showing just the cover art.
* Group your games in folders, e.g. by Platform or by Genre or
scroll through them as one big list.

Add games to your game database in 3 easy steps!
* Step 1. Enter Platform and Title
* Game Collector will search our online game database for
game information.
* Step 2. Select your game from the Search Results
* Game Collector will show a list of games that match
your search. Just select your game from the list.
* Step 3. Click Add to add the game to your game database
* Game Collector will now download the Developer,
Publisher, Release Date, genre, etc… including the
box cover image.

Or catalog games by scanning their barcode
* Scanning barcodes is the fastest way to catalog video games.
* No need to enter the titles or platforms and no need to select
your specific edition, the search results will automatically
return the exact edition that you own.

Tip: try our deluxe laser scanner or the simple Cuecat scanner.

The Game database
* Game Collector gets its game data and cover images from our own Game database.
* Users of the program help build and maintain the database by
submitting data and images to us using Game Collector’s Submit
feature. Our content managers judge and process the submitted
data manually, so that data quality is ensured.
* At the moment, the database contains data for nearly 18
thousand video games on 70 different platforms.
* Game Collector Connect is the home of the Game

Supported platforms

Game Collector and its online game database support all available
game platforms. The online database has data for game on 70
different platforms, of course including the popular current
consoles and PC games, but also the previous generations and
classic video game consoles:
* PC
* Playstation 3
* Xbox 360
* Wii
* GameCube
* Nintendo 64
* Playstation 2
* Game Boy Advance
* Nintendo DS
* Playstation 1
* Xbox
* Super Nintendo
* Game Boy
* TurboGrafx-16
* Sega Genesis
* Sega Saturn
* Sega Dreamcast
* Atari 2600
* Commodore 64
* and way more…

Available Fields

* Main game data
* Title
* Platform (Xbox 360, Wii, PC, etc…)
* Series
* Publisher
* Developer
* Release Date
* Genre
* Format (DVD, CD, UMD, Cartridge, etc…)
* etc…
* Extra game details
* Credits
* Language
* Region
* Rating
* Multiplayer Support (Split Screen, LAN, etc…)
* Devices (Headset, Light Gun, Steering Wheel, etc…)
* etc…

* Personal data
* Purchase info: Date, Store, etc…
* Current Value
* Location
* User Defined Fields (use Tools / Field Names to rename
* Completion Date
* etc…

* Links, Images and Notes
* Game Description
* Notes
* Front Cover
* Back Cover
* Add links to websites
* Add links to Images

* Collection Status
* Use the In Collection Status field to indicate whether
a game is actually in your possession, on your wishlist
or For Sale.
* Use the In Collection Status filter menu to quickly
show your wishlist, your “in collection” items, etc…

Data entry and maintenance tools
* Built-in Auto Capitalization function, e.g. typing “metroid
prime 3: corruption” will automatically change into “Metroid
Prime 3: Corruption”. The AutoCap feature is fully user
configurable, including an exceptions list.
* Next/Previous buttons in Edit Game screen let you edit multiple
movies in a row, without leaving the edit screen.
* Use the Edit Multiple feature to modify data for multiple
movies or episodes in one go.
* Automatic Sort Title generator make sure that titles like “The
Sims” are sorted correctly.
* Rename data fields to suit your needs, several User Defined
fields are available for this purpose.

Searching your database
* Order your games lists any way you like using the Sort Order
* Use the Quick Search box to search your entire database for the
occurrence of a particular text
* Use advanced filters using brackets, AND, OR, NOT, equal, not
equal, greater than, less than, contains, starts with, ends
with, wildcards (PRO edition only)
* Save your filters and activate them directly using the Filter
menu on the toolbar (PRO edition only)

* Simple Sort Field selection screen, just use checkboxes to
select the fields you want
* Save your sort order definitions and activate them directly
using the Sort Order menu on the toolbar (Pro edition only)

* Simple Column selection screen, just use checkboxes to select
the fields you want
* Save your column definitions and activate them directly using
the Columns menu on the toolbar (PRO edition only)

Details View Templates
* CSS Styles system:
* Template menu allows selecting various “styles” for
each template (using a submenu)
* Styles can be created using CSS style sheets
* Use several styles for Full Details template
* Use Game Collector 3 templates, in 4 different styles (blue,
black, iTunes & gray)

Screen Layout setting
Offering six different layout configurations of tree, list and
details panel
* Horizontal Split
* Vertical Split
* Full Width Details
* Full Height Tree
* Full Height Details
* Simple Layout (hides tree automatically)

Database Statistics (PRO edition only)
* Use the Statistics screen to view all kinds of stats on your
game library.
* Use the graphical view to shows bar graphs per Genre, Platform,
Publisher, etc…

Printing (PRO edition only)
* Print lists of your games. You decide which fields to show as
columns and which field(s) to sort the list on.
* Print one game per page with all details, including box cover
* Print a selection of games, e.g. the result of a search.

Export to HTML (PRO edition only)
* Export game lists to HTML format, so that you can view and show
your collection on your website.
* Export game details pages using various layout templates and
styles, including all game details and cover images.

Export to the Notes section of your iPod (PRO edition only)
* Export a list of your games to the iPod Notes system.
* Take your iPod with you to the store and browse your collection
right there on the spot, nicely grouped by Platform.
* Now you can always check which games you already own and thus
avoid duplicate purchases.

Other Export Options (PRO edition only)
* Export to List Pro, for using your data on your Palm or
PocketPC (Windows only).
* Export to Text (e.g. CSV), for using your data in other
programs like Excel.
* Export to XML.

Loan Manager (PRO edition only)
* Track which Games you loaned and to who
* Track Loan Date, Due Date and actual Return Date
* Add extra notes for each loan
* View all Loaned items, all Overdue items or entire loan history

The Windows edition of Game Collector is compatible with Windows
98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista. It is available in the following
languages: English, Dutch, German, Turkish, Polish, Spanish,
Brasilian Portuguese, Indonesian.

Use the Help File
* Added task based help topics
* Full keyword index
* Context sensitive help (Help buttons) in most screens of the

Whats New In v3.0 Build 3?:

* Platform folders now have platform icons insteads of plain
folder icons
* GmC3 and Classic templates:
** added “Images” section that shows images other than
** Image descriptions are now shown as captions below the
** Storage/Carousel information is now visible in
templates (under Personal Information)
** Edition information is now shown in templates

* Cover Thumbnail references got lost after closing and
restarting the program
* Add Automatically screen:
** Platform dropdown list got corrupted sometimes (leaving
empty entries in the list and sometimes causing Access
Violations when closing the screen)
** It was not possible to queue multiple entries with the
same title and different platforms
** “New Releases” list sometimes wouldn’t Refresh
** Tab order was incorrect/illogical
* ‘No Results Found’ message wasn’t always showing properly
** Edit Search Fields screen didn’t remember its position and had
an incorrect tab-order
* Templates:
* Compact preview template was missing the Blue and Black style
* Compact preview template font size was wrong
* Edit Multiple: Current Value and Purchase Price field couldn’t
be set to 0
* Games with an unrecognized platform still showed the “dice”
icon instead of the “joystick” icon

For More Info On Game Collector Pro Visit:

$10! Buy cheap OEM Game Collector Pro 3.0.3 Download

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